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Gas Shortage In Pennsylvania causes Panic

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Nya Crea
Nya Crea

"It's craziness right now," Shawn Spiegel of Shrewsbury said about his experience.
Image From New Herald By Mike Fender

He was going to fill up at a gas station in Maryland on Wednesday but changed his plans when he saw the long line of vehicles at the Fill 'Er-Up.

He decided instead to top up at a Rutter's in Shrewsbury, where the price for a gallon of gas was $3.15. Shrewsbury is usually so much cheaper than Maryland but now, it's only a difference of six cents.
Image From Republican-Herald by Jacqueline Dormer

Nationwide, the price of gas spiked up to $3 a gallon on Wednesday for the first time in over half a decade, as indicated by GasBuddy. Experts say it's due to work and other activities resuming as the country recovers from the pandemic. There's an increase in demand for gas as a result.  

Also, a few service stations in the South have run out of gas due to the recent digital hack on the Colonial Pipeline. By Wednesday evening, 11 per cent of Maryland and 10 of Washington, D.C. service stations were hit, as found on GasBuddy.

The Fill 'Er-Up in Parkton, just on the state border, ran out of usual and second-grade fuel in the evening of Tuesday, Ayda Swartz, owner of the gas station, said. The workers expressed excitement when a delivery was made to the station on Wednesday.

While clients could top up with usual gas once more, the station was still out of premium and high-grade types.

"People are panicking," Swartz said.

She said the delivered gas would usually last for about two days but it's difficult to tell for now and she'll just see what happens. The station was crazy with clients topping off their tanks, purchasing merchandise from the corner shop and getting food from the café. She added that everybody needs assistance and can't seem to get it.

Swartz said she's offering to clients to be thoughtful and patient during this crazy time.

"We're all gonna be fine," she added.

On the other hand, service stations in Pennsylvania also seem to have business booming for them.

Residents from other states have travelled to Shrewsbury to get gas from Exxon, the shift manager, Jackie Valdez, said. She said out of all the customers the business got, at least 20 were from Maryland.

"It's getting closer and closer to here," she mentioned.

She added that the clients told her that stations in Maryland had run out of gas and the majority of them had gone to several other places and waited for a long time.

CS Convenience Store, which has three outlets in southern York County, has also experienced increased patronage. The director Mike Wetzel said it has sold twice the quantity it usually does.

He said that the business would probably run out of gas by Thursday morning if the sales remain that high. They are attempting to order more gas so as to be more proactive and stay on top of the situation.

Wetzel referred to various explanations behind the scarcity, including insufficient transporters to convey the fuel, panic from news about service stations running out, and more drivers out and about as individuals get back to work and other activities with the introduction of COVID-19 vaccination.

Sheetz, one of the bigger service stations around there, says it hasn't dealt with the widespread shortage yet, however, some grades of fuel would be unavailable temporarily while all this is sorted out.

“As the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline continues, our teams at Sheetz are working to address any supply issues at our store locations," the company said in a statement.

"As of now, there are no widespread outages at our stores, although certain grades of gasoline could be temporarily unavailable while our fueling teams replenish supplies.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and thank them for their patience while we navigate this situation.”

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