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Jano le Roux

Mother kicked out of theme park for ‘shorts being too short’

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Jano le Roux
Jano le Roux

Mom says she was forced to leave the theme park because her shorts were too short, according to the police. Bailey Breedlove, an autistic woman, was with her daughter and husband at a park in Oklahoma. When police prevented her daughter from rolling down a slope, they confronted the family. Bailey shared a video of the incident on TikTok, in which police can be heard demanding identification.

A theme park has reacted after a mother alleged that police pressured her to quit because her shorts were “too short.”

When the event occurred, autistic Bailey Breedlove was visiting a Six Flags amusement park in Oklahoma with her 11-year-old daughter and her partner.

Police contacted her family after stopping her daughter from rolling down a hill in her Heelys, she said, before shifting their focus to her dress.

Bailey said police seized her arm and informed her she ought to buy new shorts if she wished to stay in the park, before accusing her of ‘illegal trespassing,’ despite the fact that they were about to quit.

The event went viral after Bailey posted a video to TikTok of police asking for her identification as her daughter cries.
Mother kicked out of theme park for wearing too short shorts.TikTok @baileybreedlove970

However, a park spokeswoman also denied Bailey’s account of events, claiming that officers were responding to the mother’s “abusive behavior,” and that the footage “does not fully portray her behavior during the incident.”

At first, the guest was stopped because her shorts exposed a large portion of her buttocks. She was offered several chances to alter or cover-up, but she declined. Instead, she retaliated with profanity and abusive behavior, including revealing her buttocks even further, the park claimed.

“The guest was removed from the park after she refused to stop her unruly and offensive behavior, targeted at the police and other park guests. The video clip this guest has posted on the internet does not fully portray her behavior during this incident.”

Despite selling matching hot pant shorts with ‘Six Flags’ written across the back, Bailey also accused the park of sexualizing woman visitors by throwing her out of the park over the shorts.

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