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Las Vegas, NV

Strip clubs in Las Vegas are now open

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Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
strip clubImage by kalhh from Pixabay

When the governor of Las Vegas closed non-essential businesses in March 2020, this certainly included the strip clubs of Sin City. However, as of May 1, 2021, strip clubs are now set to reopen, albeit with strict guidelines in place.

The requirements include a cap at 80% occupancy and a social distancing requirement of three feet. However, the rules about how close a dancer may get to patrons is flexible, depending upon recent Covid testing and/or vaccinations. If the dancer has received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine, and at least two weeks has passed since that dose, she may disregard social distancing guidelines and get closer than three feet. This also applies if the dancer tests negative in a Covid test that’s administered weekly.

These new guidelines are a warm welcome to those who love Las Vegas strip clubs. During the past year, strip clubs have certainly been suffering. It was time for many club owners to get creative. Clothing was a requirement for many months, so some owners tried to turn their strip clubs into bikini bars. Others created drive-thru peep shows.

However, as of this week, the CDC has lifted mask requirements for those who have been vaccinated. And as Las Vegas makes a return to normalcy, strip clubs and the dancers who inhabit them, are sure to make a comeback as well. Whether you’re interested in one of the many incarnations of the Crazy Horse, the Spearmint Rhino, Sapphire Gentleman’s Club, the Library, or one of the many others, Las Vegas has you covered! Or if you’d prefer “uncovered,” the city is taking care of that too!

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