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Apartment Complex Stops Responding to Texas Resident

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Bend With Tasha
Bend With Tasha
 28 days ago
(Photo By Kastasha Harris/Pexels)

Using your voice is always needed when you live in an apartment complex because things may need to be repaired or neighbors may be disruptive.

Living in an apartment is an experience that everyone goes through it helps them determine if renting or owning is something that they want to continue to do or go towards in the near future.

Some people have horror stories regarding the times they rented their apartment whether it was a bad landlord or just a bad location.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Woman wakes up to blood dripping on her from apartment ceiling fan" by Catherine Park stated

"An El Paso woman is seeking legal damages as well as mental health support after she woke up in the middle of the night to blood dripping from her ceiling and splattered throughout her room.

Police resorted to breaking down the door and unfortunately found the tenant of the apartment deceased inside. His decomposing body was lying right above Cardenas’ bedroom, Terrazas said."

The police noticed that Anna's neighbor had been lying in his room dead for days with the body decomposing.

They were able to remove the body, then proceeded to contact the hazmat team to spray and sanitize Anna's apartment and remove any belongings that were ruined.

Anna is currently expressing to the apartment complex that she would like to be recouped for her losses.

Since the incident, the apartment complex has stopped responding to Anna and is not helping her receive therapy or buy new items from the incident.

How would you have handled a situation like this?

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