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Johnson City, TN

Dine Like the Deutsch - Authentic German Cuisine

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John M. Dabbs
John M. Dabbs

Located on the corner of Fountain Square in downtown Johnson City, you'll find the best German cuisine this side of the Atlantic. Freiberg's German Restaurant is located at 203 East Main Street in the historic downtown area. The quaint architecture alone makes the visit worthwhile.
Freiberg's LogoFreiberg's/Facebook


Freiberg's began operation in 2008. Andreas Herholz and his wife Michele founded the restaurant in Johnson City. Their goal (they succeeded) was to offer authentic German beer, imported from Germany) and German food.

They named the restaurant after Michele's hometown - Freiberg. Freiberg, Germany is a silver mining town in east Germany. It's over 800 years old and steeped in tradition.
Freiberg GermanyFreiberg's/Facebook

Their restaurant offers authentic German dishes and beers in a cozy, rustic feel. The nostalgic downtown building with German decor transforms it to how I think a German tavern would look and feel.

Here's a clip about Freiberg's from VIPSceen:


Herholz sees that everything they put out is made from scratch. While some dishes require hours of preparation and may sell out - don't worry. There are many suitable alternatives on their menu.
Feast for a kingFreiberg's/Facebook

As a German restaurant, you can expect sauerkraut, potatoes, bratwurst, and schnitzel to be on the menu. You'll also find soups and salads. While the bar offers beer only, you can also get water, a softdrink, and excellent iced (or hot) tea here.

My favorite dish has to be the fresh pretzels and beer cheese. Make that the chicken schnitzel. No, the bratwursts. Never mind. I can never make up my mind! I've never eaten anything here I didn't like.

Large portions - don't be deceived by the photoFreiberg's/Facebook

The serving sizes are normal here - for a lumberjack. They are ample and the food is filling. The lunch portions may be a bit smaller, but not enough for me to notice a difference.

If you are a hearty eater and normally go back for more, I suggest you eat your meal first. Don't worry about ordering extra food until you've seen how much you can hold.

My experience

My first experience at Freiberg's has repeated itself many times over. Seldom have I ever seen inconsistency. Only the number of fellow diners seems to change.
Freiberg's on fountain squareFreiberg's/Facebook

The service is always top notch, with great hospitality. The food excellent and the ice water and tea served in large beer mugs are always kept full.

I like the cozy atmosphere with the small bar and limited tables on the main floor, and the upstairs area with more seating overlooking the main floor. The windows provide a great view of streets and fountain. The size is just right to me.
restaurant interiorFreiberg's/Facebook

After being greeted and escorted to our table, the server welcomes us and takes our drink order. She would return with fresh rolls and a choice of butter or butter with chives. My wife and I really go for the butter with chives. We usually ask for more to go with our broccoli.

Picky eaters

For the picky eaters who do not want German food, they have alternatives. You can still get a hamburger and french fries here. It's called something else, but your server can help you.

They serve other international dishes besides French Fries. You can also get Hungarian Goulash - the Goulash inspired in Hungary and "perfected in Germany".

The selection of sandwiches, entrees, soups, vegetables, meats, and other delights are sure to meet the nees of most palates.

It's a great location for a worktime lunch, night on the town, or a simple date for two. The location is family friendly and welcoming. I recommend it for anyone looking for a hearty cooked meal that didn't just come out of the microwave.


If you decide to put off trying Freiberg's German Restaurant for a few weeks, I hope you'll at least consider visiting during their Ocktoberfest celebration. They pull out all the stops and the servers are all dressed for the occaision.

The food remains outstanding, filling, and a you're treated to an ever more invigorating experience.