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Oakland, CA

3 Best Pizza Places in Oakland You Have to Try

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You can't make everyone happy. You're not a Pizza
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When it comes to pizza, everyone has a different taste. Some people like thin crust pizza. On the other hand, some people like thick crust pizza such as traditional pan pizza and deep-dish pizza.

For me, it doesn't matter whether it's a thick or thin crust as long as it tastes good. Because I believe that each style of pizza has its own unique touch and I enjoy eating different types of it.

It’s very difficult to say what makes a perfect pizza, simply because there are so many different variations of the simple mozzarella and bread combinations. But a pizza has to have these quality ingredients: olive oil, tomato, and mozzarella. The rest of the toppings totally depends on one's taste.

Nowadays, every place around us makes a pizza. However, for a pizza lover like me, it is very important to find a place that makes good pizza.

For all of these reasons, this wasn’t an easy list to make for me. However, here are the three best pizza places in Oakland, based on pizza lovers' recommendations.

1. Cheese Board Pizza
Cheese Board Pizza
The Cheese Board Pizza began with a fun idea on a shift: we started making pizzas for ourselves by cutting off hunks of extra sourdough baguette dough, grabbing favorite cheeses from the counter, and throwing on vegetables from the market next door. In 1985, we started serving pizza to our customers after regular hours on Friday nights. The idea was that we would make one type of vegetarian pizza each night, using fresh ingredients, unusual cheeses from the Cheese Board, all on top of a thin, sourdough crust. That is still our recipe, but now the Pizzeria (two doors south of the Cheese Store & Bakery) is open for lunch and dinner five days a week. We’ve added salad, cookies, sodas, beer, and wine to our menu. Live music at both lunch and dinner is part of the daily schedule. While the line of people waiting for pizza is often out the door it actually moves very quickly; the music adds enjoyment to the lively scene. - Cheese Board Pizza

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • They have a different pizza every day and it's always vegetarian!
  • One of the best vegetarian pizza in town.
  • Super flavorful with fresh and unusual ingredients.
  • Don't forget the green sauce it's a must.

Price: On average, it's $25 - 30 for two people.

Location: 1512 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA 94709


2. Arizmendi Bakery
Arizmendi Bakery
At Arizmendi Bakery on Lakeshore, we offer our community artisan breads, morning pastries, and gourmet pizza, prepared right in front of you and brought fresh from our ovens daily. Our focus is on providing healthy food using straightforward recipes and quality ingredients. Ask us for a list of our organic ingredients. Our ovens are running all day long. Stop by early for hot muffins, scones, and pastries, including some vegan treats. For lunch or dinner, we offer a unique vegetarian pizza of the day featuring seasonal vegetables, infused oils, and fresh herbs on organic, thin sourdough crust. And our signature sourdoughs and hearty wheat breads are hot out of the oven mornings and afternoons. You'll also find a rotating selection of fresh green salads and spreads in our deli case, as well as soups made from scratch. - Arizmendi Bakery

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • Always good slices of pizza. They do one combination each day but they are always yummy!
  • One of the favorite pizza places in the East Bay.
  • They sell breakfast pizzas in the morning and there's always a line on the weekends.

Price: On average, it's $25 - 30 for two people.

Location: 3265 Lakeshore Ave Oakland, CA 94610


3. Spinning Dough
Spinning Dough
Spinning Dough is committed to using the finest and freshest ingredients. Our goal is to provide nutritional, well-prepared meals with a warm family atmosphere to establish a long relationship with our valued customers. We aim to ensure that all patrons have an exceptional dining experience by providing professional and courteous service. - Spinning Dough

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • This is some of the best pizza in Oakland!
  • A thin and ever so slightly crunchy crust, topped with a subtly sweet and quite flavorful tomato sauce.
  • The half/half option is nice for your mixed vegetarian/meatatarian households.
  • A place that makes a proper thin crust pizza. Crispy and flavor balanced.

Price: On average, it's $35 - 40 for two people.

Location: 2935 Market St Oakland, CA 94608



Pizza restaurants have expanded rapidly over the last years. This list is but a few of the best pizza restaurants in Oakland.

If there’s a good pizzeria you would like to recommend besides this list of best pizzas in Oakland, let us know in the comments below!

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