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Los Angeles's Blue Star Donut Is the Future of Donuts

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J.R. Flaherty
J.R. Flaherty

When I first heard that the donut world was being shaken up in Los Angeles, I doubted it. After all, this is a city with some of the top-rated bakeries and donut shops on the planet. But it wasn't long before a fantastic donut experience turned a donut lover from skeptic to believer.
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Blue Star Donut is one of Los Angeles’s newest champions in the highly-contested donut wars. Their classic brioche recipe is unlike any in town, and their selection of flavors proves they’re one of our favorites. If you like your doughnuts light and rich with a tender crumb and bursting natural fruit flavors, then Blue Star should be one of your first stops in Los Angeles.

Wait a minute, in Los Angeles? You might ask. Yes, the original Blue Star Donuts did first open in Portland, Oregon. As Alyson D wrote in a recent Yelp review:

"The first Blue Star Donuts I visited was in Portland. And I'm glad I didn't have to drive up there to enjoy the same amazing taste and quality!"

The Most Original Donut Flavors in Los Angeles

What makes Blue Star Donuts so special? Starting at 3 am, they make all of their donuts completely from scratch, fresh every day.

As they say on the website and shop, they are donuts for grown-ups. They’ve made all of their offerings easily accessible and are inspired by those who only eat organic, sustainably grown foods that are naturally gluten-free. They offer vegan donuts alongside the standard range for people who want to indulge.

Let’s face it; donuts are pretty much the pinnacle piece of fried dough. But when you’re staring down 3 dozen at a local shop and trying to choose the best, nothing is simple. The flavors are incredible. If you’re going to stop by (which you should), keep on reading--we have suggestions for what you should indulge in.

The popular Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk Donut
Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk Donut in LABlue Star Donuts website

Rosemary & Raspberry Buttermilk Donuts are the best of two worlds — flavorful, fresh raspberries and fresh herbs meet warm, sweet, buttery donut perfection. A single bite teases your taste buds with a jolt of icing sugar and raspberry that lingers on the palate until the rich rosemary note of Steve Smith Hibiscus Tea washes over your taste buds. We give these donuts a rich pink hue and tangy sugar glaze. They're the perfect pairing of flavor, texture & color.

At first glance, you can tell a lot from a donut. Its glaze perfectly rendered in crystal clarity, its fritter perfectly scored before frying —these are clues to Blue Star’s painstaking attention to detail. From sourcing ingredients through to the process of creating each donut flavor, they seem to take great care to honor each ingredient so that it shines through in every bite.

"Great treat - love the crunch on the buttermilks. I appreciate the simple ingredients. They don't veer too far from traditional donuts but they do push the needle forward, walking the line between old school and trendy. My deep childhood craving of a buttermilk donut was satiated :)" - Yelp review from Dave M. Hightland Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Take-out & Delivery in Los Angeles

Blue Star Donut shops are in Silver Lake, Manhattan Beach, and Venice. You can pre-order online, and they also do local deliveries. They are closed on Monday and Tuesday and open Friday to Sunday until 6 pm.

Silver Lake Blue Star Donuts

3438 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Do you agree Blue Star Donuts is the best donut shop in LA? Let us know in the comments. Or any other donut places you like in Los Angeles today.
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