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Las Vegas, NV

In search of the best espresso in downtown Las Vegas

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Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit
espressoImage by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Within the past couple years, coffee shops have been sprouting up in downtown Las Vegas. What used to be a market dominated by one Starbucks at the ground level of a bank, open only during business hours, has completely transformed. Now, just a few blocks apart are several amazing options for espresso.

On East Fremont, there are two popular espresso hot spots. Mothership Coffee Roasters and Public Us are across the street from one another. Both offer excellent espresso options and a great ambiance. Mothership is in a funky building with an upside down semi-truck, artfully arranged in loops. Public Us is in a shared building with a local theater company, Public Fit, and the vibe is very hip and local.

Walking toward the Fremont Street Experience and veering south, you’ll find Bad Owl Coffee. The lone Starbucks at the bottom of the bank that was formerly only open during business hours was leased by a Las Vegas indie coffee shop, adding an additional Bad Owl location to the city. This is a Harry Potter themed coffee shop, created for all of your magic lovers out there.

A little further south, you’ll. find four excellent coffee shops around the Charleston intersection. You’ll have to decide for yourself which one has the best espresso because personally I’m torn. Your options are: Makers and Finders, Vesta Coffee Roasters, Bungalow Coffee, and Golden Fog. If I’m forced to choose, I’d take the food of Makers and Finders, the single origin espresso from Bungalow, an amazing mocha from Golden Fog, and have a standard delicious espresso from Vesta. That’s a total of six espresso shots right there though, so I’d be in for an intense afternoon!

There are a ton of coffee shops in all within walking distance of one another in the downtown Las Vegas area. It’s such a welcome addition to the community. And that time when there was just a single Starbucks is a distant memory.