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Dewine Announces Ohio Ending $300 Unemployment Boost

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Liz Fe Lifestyle
Liz Fe Lifestyle
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With things slowly getting back to normal in the country, we are starting to see changes with the

unemployment benefits. While it varies from state to state, Ohio has decided to start making

changes now, instead of later. With more jobs opening back up, and vaccines easily more

available, the state of Ohio has decided to stop participating in the funding of the extra $300

boost on employment checks. Only a small number of other states have also decided to do so.

Don’t panic, the extra boost won’t be going away immediately. But is projected to start

happening, late June. Ohio governor, Mike DeWine says, “ending the additional benefit in late

June gives time for Ohioans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

If you aren’t familiar, the $300 boost was part of a federal act that gave those who are on

unemployment extra funds every week to help with the pandemic.

Even though the program is supposed to run until September, the state of Ohio believes cutting

it out soon is the right choice. In order to keep the Ohio economy growing, people need to get

back to work. And according to the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, this extra $300 boost is an

obstacle from people doing so.

While $300 extra a week may not seem like much to most, it can make a big difference for those

who are receiving low wages. So automatically we have a situation of people wanting to stay on

unemployment, simply for the fact that they are making more. With the state of Ohio eliminating

this extra boost, now these people will have no choice but to go out and go back to work.

Next, the focus should be on making the wages better across the board. If we have learned

anything from the pandemic, it’s that the people deserve more.

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