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Reno, NV

How to Have Hot Girl Summer in Reno

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Jenny Justice
Jenny Justice
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We have been ready for hot girl summer for ages now, right ladies? Now, truth be told my hot girl summer is also nerd girl summer, mom girl summer, chill girl summer, magic girl summer, but still the term we all lean in to and can’t wait for is hot girl summer.

How does one go about having a hot girl summer? Simple: Be yourself, love it, have fun. For us single ladies this can mean we flirt and date, or it can mean we gather with our girlfriends poolside, laughing and relaxing. Hot girl summer is what you make it, hot girl.

But, just in case you are looking for some tips on having a Hot Girl Summer in our very own Reno NV, here’s what I have come up with -

1). Pools. Pools. Pools. Reno has some great pools. Community pools, yes, and the Grand Sierra Resort pool, which screams hot girl summer I know. The place is glam, and it can’t handle the truth of your hotness! Daily admission is $20. You can rent a cabana or a daybed. You can go to late night swim. It sounds a bit like paradise right here in our own biggest little hot girl city!

2). Food Truck Fridays. Guess what? Hot girls eat. And food trucks are hot. So, the combo is perfect. Plus there’s music and beautiful nature. And part of being a hot girl having a hot girl summer is freedom - and with so many food trucks to choose from, Food Truck Friday feels liberating and fun! Food Truck Fridays run every Friday in Idlewild Park June 4th - August 27th.
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3). What better place to be hot, in more ways than one, than Hot August Nights, returning to Reno August 3-8th. There will be cars, cars, and more cars - more than 5,000 cars. It will be hot. There will be music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. And it will be hot, so dress accordingly!

4). Artown. All of it. It’s going to be wonderful as usual. Music, art, dancing, vendors and shopping, the best of downtown Reno. You can get your tickets to great musical acts now - book a table or pod, as they are being called, and plan for a hot girl summer of music, community, art and fun that celebrates the uniqueness of Reno.

5). The Sierra Nevada Lavender and Honey Festival. Why? Because nature is hot. Smelling good is hot. Honey is super hot. This event happens in Victorian Square, June 26th-June 27th.

As for me, I plan to hit the pool with my new swimsuits, grab a stack of books, because as mentioned, nerd girl summer is hot too, and make the most of my hot girl summer in the high desert hotness of Reno, NV.