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Cincinnati, OH

Experiencing the Cincinnati Reds luxury suite at the Great American Ball Park

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Anita Durairaj
Anita Durairaj
BaseballPhoto by Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash

A few years, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the Cincinnati Reds luxury suite at the Great American Ball Park. Watching a ball game while being ensconced in the comfort of a suite is a feeling like no other. While I am not a fan of baseball, I have been to ball games before and I have never really enjoyed being seated in crowds of people. Besides, I had to get up and make my way through all the people if I wanted to get any food or drinks. At the suite, I never felt crowded and the food and drinks were right there in front of us.

I worked for a small company and the owner of the company took a bunch of us out to the ball game. We were a group of 20 and we had all received some awards so this was a celebration of sorts.

The Suite Experience

I still don't know how much our company paid for all of us to enjoy the suite at the time but looking at the prices now, it was a hefty sum. Luxury suites start out at $4000 on the low end and can go up as high as $7,500 for single-game suite rentals. There are different levels of pricing for the suites depending on the capacity of people it can hold. Pricing also depends on which day the suite is being rented out and which teams are playing. Obviously, hot games will cost more.

The special amenities of the suite include comfortable and elegant seating, private restrooms, catering, HDTVs, and the best view of the stadium. There was even a personal attendant and food and beverages. The games seemed so much larger than life watching it from the suite with its huge glass viewing area. There was ample seating for all 20 of us.

As a suite ticketholder, I also remembered that I had the advantage of entering the stadium via the VIP entrance and then taking an elevator to the suite level. Some suites even come with parking passes.

At the Great American Ball Park, there are about 60 luxury suites in the stadium and they are supposedly a hot commodity. Some businesses will lease a suite for the season. In fact, 43% of luxury suites are underutilized so some businesses will attempt to recoup their lease costs by renting them out whenever they are not in use. Those who own suites at the stadium can sell or rent out their suites through special companies that will take care of the renting and find buyers.

COVID-19 Precautions

WIth COVID-19, the Cincinnati Great American Ball Park has made some additional changes by incorporating health and safety protocols. Masks are mandatory and social distancing will be enforced.

No outside food or drinks are allowed and you cannot take in larger bags or backpacks. Placing small items in a clear plastic bag is preferred.

In general, if you are going to a Cincinnati ballgame, I would highly recommend experiencing a luxury suite at the ballpark.

Source: Suite Experience Group