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Virginia COVID-19 Update

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Alexandra Tsuneta
Alexandra Tsuneta
 29 days ago

Oh yeah, Virginia! We're on the upswing!
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Another week, another COVID-19 update. Here we are, it's May 14th and the latest COVID-19 numbers are rolling in. Virginia has been reporting lower COVID-19 cases and lower COVID-19 related deaths across the board. Yesterday, Virginia reported 579 new coronavirus cases and 27 deaths that are linked to the COVID-19 virus.

Virus numbers and metrics are dropping across the board in Virginia with 6.9+ million COVID-19 vaccines administered. Thursday had the highest reported numbers in one day in about a month, however, death reporting does have some lag. The average number of deaths reported per day has been steadily dropping and the number is now at about 14 deaths per day.

You can find an incredible metric graph that you can interact with, here.
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Demand for the COVID-19 vaccine has dipped lower over the past month which health officials, including Virginia vaccine coordinator Dr. Danny Avula, are working to address with better messaging. Including but not limited to more messaging on how easy it is to be vaccinated in Virginia with many distribution points and health care providers.

According to Wavy, Dr. Danny Avula has stated that "He’s also working to address hesitancy for some people in getting the second doses, and said data is showing a single dose of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines has only about 20% efficacy against new virus variants, compared to about 80% with both doses."

The Pfizer vaccine has just been approved for children 12+ and health officials are hoping that kids will help hesitant parents want to get vaccinated. Now that it is safe for everybody 12+ to get vaccinated we are all hoping that more people will both get vaccinated and also encourage others to be vaccinated.

Remember, we're all in this together and by working together we can get over this pandemic.