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Omaha, NE

Trek Up the Tower, Omaha, Going Virtual

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DIY Active
 29 days ago

The fitness event of Trek Up the Tower attracts more than 1,000 enthusiasts to the First National Tower in downtown Omaha. Some of the participants are beginners, while some were seasoned. The event will see all of them climbing up the tower’s 40 floors and 870 steps. Frankly, it's generating some great buzz among fitness enthusiasts.

This holds more significance when the fact is many of us struggle to work out daily or weekly. The gyms are shut down, or as they reopen, people are skeptical about returning. The organizers hope that the ongoing vaccination process and safe practices will reduce the number of cases nationwide, including in Nebraska.

But, considering the safety of the participants in mind, the event will take place in a virtual format. There are also some other reasons to conduct the event virtually. Those are:

  1. The Timeline of First National Bank of Omaha for reintroducing work-from-home employees to the Tower
  2. Giving respect to the sponsors, partners, staffs, volunteers, and participants

The Pandemic and the Event

The event will continue over three weeks. The participants will be able to record their cumulative activity during the window of three weeks. The event started on 8th May, and it will continue till the 29th of the same month. The climbers will have to achieve a 40-flight distance within this span.

Keeping the challenges of the pandemic in mind, the organizers have introduced some much-needed changes. They said that First National Bank of Omaha took the decision of conducting a virtual event as an in-person event could have created a conflict with its timeline for reintroducing the employees who are working from home to the tower. Chantelle Green, Trek Up the Tower race director, said, “We don’t make this decision lightly, since we love holding our event in the tower, and we know our participants do, too.”

However, the organizers think that the unique format of this event will provide new opportunities. They opine that this event will be more inclusive as whole families and people of all abilities will take part in it while the organizers accommodate corporate and community teams.

This event will further focus on individual performance goals and achievement, community camaraderie, friendly competition, and personal as well as organizational wellbeing. The theme for the year is “Wish You Were Here.” In a nutshell, the organizers are trying to make the event as fun-filled as possible until they meet the participants in person at the First National Tower for the event in 2022.

The organizers announced in August 2020 that the event would be postponed to May from its typical schedule of February. The organizers pushed the event with the hope to host an in-person event. The Trek Up the Tower will be stepping into its 15th year, and this event is a fundraiser for The Wellbeing Partners. The Wellbeing Partners is an organization that promotes worksite wellness.

Registration for the event opened in March. The charge for registration starts from $25 for a basic entry. It goes up to $70 for a family package. This year, the Vertical Mile option is also available.

Details of the Event

  • A multi-week challenge period will start on 8th May.
  • The participants will get 3 weeks to complete their challenge of climbing 40 floors and the more rigorous Vertical Mile Challenge.
  • Registration started in March at reduced rates.
  • The event will take place through a platform.
  • Tracking needs to be submitted through the platform via app-synching or self-reporting.
  • The finisher’s prizes and raffle opportunities will be given to the registrant as applicable. There will be no cash prizes for the top finishers.