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Restaurant Review of Red Lobster in Orlando

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Going on a road trip in Orlando, me and my friend were searching for a good place to eat. Then we saw a huge billboard of Red Lobster. We went inside and ordered many items and started to wait for the dish. What we got served was so amazing that I decided to cover this restaurant in a detailed review.

History of Red Lobster

The first restaurant of Red Lobster was started on 18 January 1968, in Lakeland Florida.

It was founded by Bill Darden and Charley Woods.

The first location is opened in Lakeland Florida, now their headquarter is located in Orlando Florida. Their location spread out across the globe, restaurants in North America, Middle East, the Philippines, China, Japan, Guam, Malaysia, and Ecuador, and more restaurants are opening soon in many more countries due to their increasing popularity.

It is a privately own business run by Bill Darden and Charley Wood. They make their dishes from scratch every signal day, with fresh and live Seafood which makes it more delicious and mouthwatering every signal time.

Our favorite dish – Marine Lobster and

First, a Disclaimer: when the dish is presented on our table we can‘t wait to dig in, and definitely it worth the waiting. Once you start eating Marine Lobster and Sirloin, you will not able to forget it for your lifetime.

We have also ordered Seaside Shrimp Trio, it served with garlic sauce, it looks like they are placed on a bed of linguini.

For the main course, we have ordered Crab Linguini Alfredo and Ultimate Feat.

The Ultimate Feast is best in taste and with a huge serving and it tastes great with melted butter.

Crabby Horror

But, the Crab Linguini Alfredo is the worst. The menu describes it as Sweet Crabmeat in a creamy garlic sauce with Alfredo Sauce. It tastes more like canned seafood with tasteless Alfredo sauce. The parmesan that is added to the dish is the only flavor we can taste in the Crab Linguini Alfredo.

It has at least 80% pasta and 20% seafood.

Final thoughts

All the dishes taste exceptionally good but, some dishes need more improvement, other than this it has some must-try delicacies. But the pricing are little high as compare to other restaurants.

I’ve never had these dishes before in terms of quality, flavor, and superior texture.

We were very thrilled to have them and we were looking forward to heading back to Red lobster in the future.

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