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J.M. Lesinski

Digitalz Talks New Single, New Album in Exclusive Interview

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J.M. Lesinski
J.M. Lesinski
French DJ duo DigitalzPhoto by Digitalz

Taking the electro world by storm, French DJ duo Digitalz are back with a new single.

With the release of their newest electronic dance music single, “Miss Me,” the Parisian pair are making monumental progress towards the release of their debut studio album.

“Miss Me” follows the release of their other singles thus far, “Invisible,” “Ritual,” and “Beg For It,” all of which are reportedly included in the forthcoming album.

Recently, I was able to conduct an interview with Digitalz, and sat down to discuss their inspirations, thoughts, and future plans in the electronic dance music world.

J.M. Lesinski - I really dug the darker, mysterious sound of “Miss Me,” what was the inspiration behind this track?

Digitalz - Thanks a lot mate! If I remember well, everything clicked when we heard the Swedish House Mafia return set at UMF 2018. We really loved their dark turn, and we realized that we did not have any “festival” songs in our album while we loved that! Since the goal of this album was to represent everything that we love in electronic music, it appeared necessary for us to do a banger for the album.

J.M. Lesinski - Where do you look for inspiration when writing a new song?

Digitalz - We love to work around vocals, they inspire us. So a lot of songs start like a remix, and then we take out the vocals and contact a songwriter that we think could fit to the song. Or sometimes with just chords we really love. We can easily work hours to find original chords that move us and those will drive the whole mood of the song.

J.M. Lesinski - What first made you decide to focus on electronic music?

Digitalz - For both of us, it is the fact that we like high energy, and when we first got into music, it was the golden era of House and Progressive, everything was about spreading emotions and having the best melodies/chords possible. How can you not fall in love?

J.M. Lesinski - Do you have any favorite styles or genres of electronic music currently?

Digitalz - We truly are lovers of electronic music, almost all genres. We think that there are good things to pick in every genre. We like pretty much everything as long as there is a quest of making something different.

J.M. Lesinski - With so much happening virtually, do you notice any change in how fans reach out? Is there more or less communication?

Digitalz - We have seen more chatter on socials fortunately. It gives us a lot of strength to receive positive messages from people. It would be hard to release music but get no feedback from anyone. Without those nice people sending us love on socials we would have this impression that everything that we do is pointless, that would be really discouraging and disheartening.

J.M. Lesinski - What have you been doing for fun during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Digitalz – We have been producing a lot of songs, getting ready for the album roll-out, and drinking red wine. Lots and lots of red wine.

J.M. Lesinski - Do you have any favorite locales you are looking forward to performing at? Favorite past locales? These can be anything, festivals, countries, etc.

Digitalz - Well, we have never played outside of France, and when we are looking on Spotify/Youtube analytics etc., we see that our songs hit hardest in the US, Brazil, Canada, and Mexico… you better believe we are looking forward to playing there.

J.M. Lesinski - What is happening next for Digitalz?

Digitalz - Well, we have one more single coming out next month, and then the album release. We hope that soon we can finally meet the people who have shown us much support online.
French DJ duo DigitalzPhoto by Digitalz