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Atlanta, GA

Top 5 Chinese restaurants in Atlanta

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Paige Minds The Gap
Paige Minds The Gap

When you want great Chinese food in Atlanta, you probably head straight to Buford Highway, the road devoted to international dining. While many of the city’s top Chinese restaurants can definitely be found on Buford Highway, there are other great options to consider all around the metro area. Check out these top Chinese restaurants in Atlanta.
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Masterpiece, located on Buford Highway in Duluth, provides authentic Sichuan and Hunan dishes. Owned by Chef Rui Liu, a master chef from Northern China, the restaurant has gained in popularity, doubling in size since opening and starting a second location in John’s Creek. On the menu, you’ll find delicious dishes like fermented long beans with streaky pork, fried eggplant dusted with chili powder, and fish braised in chili oil.

Canton House

Canton House on Buford Highway in Chamblee specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine and dim sum. The restaurant was founded in 1994 and has over two decades of success. Canton House is one of the top spots in the city for dim sum. Their extensive menu offers everything from hot pot to sea cucumber, with classics like Lo Mein, Moo Goo Gai Pan, and other favorite Chinese dishes.

Chong Qing Hot Pot

Chong Qing Hot Pot is located in the Atlanta Chinatown mall food court in Chamblee. The counter-serve restaurant has an extensive Sichuan-centric menu featuring dishes like hot pots, dan dan noodles, chile-laden Chongqing spicy chicken or tripe, and spicy cumin lamb. They offer generous portions for a great price, with most dishes under $10. You can get your food to-go or grab a seat in the food court.
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La Mei Zi

La Mei Zi, located on Buford Highway in Doraville, serves authentic Taiwanese and Sichuan cuisine. On the menu, you’ll find items like braised pork rice, beef noodle, oyster omelet, bubble tea, praised pork bun, and more. Among their best dishes is the lamb with leeks and cilantro in hot bean sauce, as well as a three-cup chicken and beef scallion rolls.

Orient Express

Orient Express in Vinings is a unique fusion restaurant housed in an old train car and located next to the railroad tracks. Their innovative menu combines the flavors of East and West. They offer three different rooms, one specializing in Chinese cuisines, one specializing in Sushi, and the third specializing in Hibachi. On the Chinese menu, you’ll find assorted fresh seafood, chicken, beef, and vegetable dishes like Walnut Coconut Shrimp, Mandarin Vegetable Deluxe, and Szechuan Lo Mein.