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Logan, UT

3 Easy Hikes You've Got to do for the Full Cache Valley Experience

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Bordered by mountains on all sides, the Cache Valley is home to some of the best hiking in Northern Utah. Many of them are tough hikes that challenge you for every step. Many more are simply pleasant walks through the woods.

If a quiet wooded path is more your speed, the Cache Valley has some fantastic hikes you're going to love. Check out these three easy hikes the next time you're in the area. They'll give you the real experience of what this secluded area of Utah is really like:
Whatever the season, you can find some calm in the nature of Cache Valley, UTEmily | Unsplash

1. Castle Rock Trail

Want a trail you can access right from the city? Castle Rock is a moderate, popular hike that's fantastic for all ages. If you're doing it solo, you can conquer this hike in a matter of hours for a great half-day adventure. If you're hiking with kids, take some time to meander on the path. You'll have plenty of natural sights, sounds, and wonders to share with young eyes.

To get there, go to Logan's Lundstrom Park. You'll find posted trail maps and directions at the trailhead.

2. Cache Valley Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Want a gently rolling trail for some easy walking or biking? This is the trail for you. With gently rolling inclines and fantastic views, you'll be amazed at just how much you enjoy this walk in nature. This trail is perfect for a leisurely stroll or an easy mountain biking ride.

If you've read about the Bonneville Shoreline trail that borders Salt Lake City, you're in for a treat. There's another section of the trail in the Cache Valley, and you can hike it at your leisure.

Geologists, trail crews, and volunteers have been working for years to create a continuous trail that marks the uppermost limits of ancient Lake Bonneville. Much of the current trail is in the Wasatch range just outside Salt Lake City, but the Cache Valley section of the trail offers some great views without a crazy amount of hiking.

This trail won't challenge you too much. What it doesn't have in elevation gain, it more than makes up for in its surroundings. The Bonneville Shoreline trail is a great place to get out in nature, stretch your limbs, and clear your head.

3. Coldwater Lake

While the lake itself is really more of a small mountain pond, the trail to the lake is exciting and beautiful. This short trail is less popular than others in the Cache Valley, meaning you may have it all to yourself on hiking day. You can enjoy the solitude of the mountains while staying within walking distance of your car.

Like some trails on the east coast, the Coldwater Lake trail enters a green tunnel. The tree branches meet overhead, giving you a well-shaded walk through the woods. Once you get to the lake, take a load off and admire the peaks overhead. Have a small picnic lunch, or simply take some time to enjoy the view.

If you're looking for a stunning mountain overlook, this one might not be for you. But the Coldwater Lake trail is fantastic for taking some time alone in the woods. It's a quiet place where you can easily recharge, and though the lake at the end may be underwhelming, the walk itself is worth the effort.


When you're looking for a fresh dose of the outdoors, it helps to have some fantastic hikes to go on. Even if you're not looking for something strenuous, the Cache Valley has plenty to help you get out and see nature.

Which of these hikes sparked your interest? And which will you do first?

Let us know in the comments!

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