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Why You Should Be Spending $0 on Marketing Courses

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Richard Liu
Richard Liu
 29 days ago

You don’t need it, and you shouldn’t need it

Have you ever thought about a transition into marketing as a career, or perhaps you’ve seen a $1000 course online that promises to “make you a better marketer”?

I’ve even seen friends approach me about marketing courses that cost thousands of dollars that they were interested in doing and wanted my specific feedback on it.

For me personally, the majority of these courses are relatively useless.

I’m not necessarily saying that every course shouldn’t have a cost attached to it, but in those cases, there is a specific need in mind (e.g., a Salesforce / Marketo certification needed for your job).

But for the rest of the 99% use cases out there, you shouldn’t be spending a cent on buying anything. In today’s digital world, there is a huge abundance of information out there, and I am going to tell you exactly why spending money on the majority of marketing courses is not only wasting your time but also money out of your pocket that could be spent on better things.

Many Of Today’s Skills Can Be Learned From Free Courses

The beauty of the digital world today is the abundance of free courses and information out there. One of my favorite courses to start with is Hubspot’s Inbound Certification. Alongside this, Google offers a mixture of free digital marketing courses as well (called Google Digital Garage).

Most of these already provide you enough of a foundation around everything in marketing and don’t require you to take a paid course. This is especially important if you want to get your first foot into the door, especially as a newbie marketer.

But what about after that? What do you do after you learn the basic concepts around marketing?

Learn It Yourself by Doing It

In all honesty, I love being a marketer for one huge reason: you can just learn everything yourself.

Do you want to learn how to send emails? Just make an account, build your own email list, and experiment.

Do you want to learn to sell something? Start trying to sell something small.

Like trading stocks, the best advice I’ve been given is simply to do it yourself. There’s nothing like losing and making a profit than using your own money.

This should be the same case for marketing.

Not only this, you can showcase this on your resume. Would I rather hire someone who took a course on how to grow a social media following or someone who’s actually done it?

The answer is obvious, yet so many are unwilling to take the step into the deep end and instead would rather spend thousands on a course that might not necessarily take them to where they want to go.

So Many Marketing Tools/Guides Are Free or Have Strong Freemium Options

On the other side of the fence, you might be going well, I still have to pay for tools, right? After all, these courses usually provide you tools to use during them.

But unlike decades ago, we’ve been blessed with the fact there are so many tools out there that have free or freemium versions.

This means you should never have an excuse for not being able to learn without a proper tool. There are also a ton of guides on how to execute a variety of marketing on concepts like SEO or ads.

One of my favorite ways of getting this information is to join various Facebook groups that specialize in a specific concept.

Just do some searches, and you’ll be surprised how much available information is present in these groups.

Everything Circles Back To Doing It Yourself

There are too many people out there ready to fork out thousands into a course but haven’t looked at the potential alternatives. Many successful influencers out there haven’t spent a dime and have self-taught and learned by themselves.

The most effective way, in my opinion, is by doing and is one of the advantages of marketing as a discipline.

Here’s are examples you can look into:

  • If you want to learn social media — try growing your own social media following and account.
  • If you want to learn email marketing — try growing your own email list via tools like substack, Mailchimp, or Convertkit.
  • If you want to learn video marketing — try growing your own Youtube channel (like I did!)
  • If you want to learn paid marketing — try selling your own physical or digital products.

No matter what type of marketing you want to do, specialize or learn, there’s a way to do it without needing to spend money on courses.

Learn by doing, so you have something to show for it.