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The Story Behind TIME’s First-Ever BIPOC-Led Issue

Cover picture for the articleA year ago, we at TIME started talking about the ways we’ve fallen short. Soon after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, staffers from across the organization began sharing painful memories of being mistreated in our workplace and demanding change. I called Edward, our editor-in-chief, whose words you usually read in this space, to ask if he would consider inviting the people in our newsroom who identify as Black, Indigenous and people of color to lead our coverage of racial justice. For all of our focus on telling stories about the need for diversity and inclusion, we needed a push toward centering the voices of our own staff in that work; this was just one of many shifts in perspective we’ve held one another accountable for making over the past year. The result of that conversation is this week’s cover package, Visions of Equity. It’s the first of its kind for TIME—a project dreamed up and led by BIPOC staff.