Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe dropped by agents after calling Chinese comic Peng Dang racist slur on stage

The Independent
The Independent

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe has reportedly been dropped by his agents after footage of him using racist slurs on stage went viral.

US-based insult comic Hinchcliffe, who has previously opened for Joe Rogan, was performing at Big Laugh Comedy in Austin last week at a show compered by Chinese comedian Peng Dang.

Dang had ended his own set by talking about stopping hate against Asian people, introducing Hinchcliffe by telling the crowd to “give it up for the one and only Tony Hinchcliffe”.

However, Hinchcliffe began his set by calling Dang a racial slur, which prompted laughter from some members of the audience.

He then called the crowd “f***ing race traitors” for laughing at Dang’s jokes, before mocking Dang’s accent.

Dang shared the clip on Twitter on Tuesday (11 May), writing: “Last week in Austin, I got to bring up Tony Hinchcliffe. This is what he said. Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month!” The tweet has been liked more than 10,000 times and retweeted by 3,600 accounts.

TMZ has now reported that Hinchcliffe has been dropped from talent agents WME.

Speaking to the publication, Dang said: “I’ve been in this country for almost 11 years, I’ve lived in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and I had never heard anybody call me that C-word.”

Dang said that the laughter had come from a “small portion” of the audience and that many members – in particular the women – had been visibly uncomfortable at Hinchcliffe’s comments.

He also said that Hinchcliffe had made more “Chinese jokes” in his set, saying: “As a comedian myself I can respect his profession… what I have a problem with was when he used the C-word, the Asian racial slur.”

Hinchcliffe is yet to publicly comment on the clip. The Independent has contacted his legal representatives for comment.

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