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Virginia Beach, VA

Family fun things to do at Virginia Beach, VA, this summer

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Stephen L Dalton
Stephen L Dalton
A young boy points out the Sea Turtle to his family at the aquarium.Photo by Bill Gracey from Flickr.

Vacations or weekend outings are usually a good way for the entire family to come together and bond. Virginia Beach, VA, has a lot to offer when it comes to family fun activities.

You need to include surfing, entertainment, fun, and, most importantly, abundant sun and water on any Virginia Beach checklist. This family-friendly location is bound to give you and your family a memorable getaway.

Plus, get ready for the Virginia Beach Aquarium’s second annual Virtual Turtle Trot on 11 June 2021 if you’ll be in town.

This article is meant to give you some ideas of places and activities to include in your itinerary for a family vacation at Virginia Beach, VA.

10 Best Tourist Attractions in Virginia Beach, VA

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A Sea Turtle swimming in the Virginia Beach, VA Aquarium.Photo by C. Watts from Flickr.

Virginia Beach Aquarium

The Virginia Beach Aquarium is arguably one of the best aquariums throughout the United States. Attached to the aquarium is the marine science center, where you can learn a little more about marine life.

The center offers an opportunity for guests to see hundreds of exhibitions up-close. You can also treat yourselves to their National Geographic 3D theater, where you learn more about marine life, sea turtle hatchlings, and fish egg collection.

The second annual Turtle Trot starts at 9 am on 11 June 2021. The first 200 to complete their registration will receive a free Turtle Trot T-shirt. The mission of the Virtual Turtle Trot is to educate the public about the plight of the sea turtle.

Aquarium officials ask that you “Join the celebration, join the fun, and join the mission.” Then, share your photos and images, #VAQTurtleTrot or tag your photos on social media with @VAAquarium.
Virginia Beach, VA Military Aviation Museum hangar of aircraft.Photo by Tomas Del Coro from Flicker.

Visit the Military Aviation Museum

Located at the Virginia Beach Airport, the Military Aviation Museum can command its very own private grass airfield. Here you can find a collection of some of the world’s largest warbirds in good flying condition.

The museum has two display hangars and a replica of the World War I wooden hangar with a maintenance hangar. The warbirds here have been collected from various countries, including Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, France, and the United States.

Atlantic Fun Park

Atlantic Fun Park is one of the best locations on Virginia Beach for a fun-filled adventure with the entire family. It is also referred to as Boardwalk amusement park. Here you get to experience the 16 family fun rides, 12 midway games, and various delicacies to excite your taste buds.

If you are looking for a bit of a thrill, sign up for rides such as Gravitron, Slingshot, and the Sea Dragon. Test your limits with these rides and feel the surge of adrenaline throughout your body. If you’re looking for more subtle options, sign up for the Ferris wheel and the kiddie train. The fun starts at 4 pm Monday thru Friday, and at noon on Saturday & Sunday.

Tickets for rides cost $1.00. However, you can buy a book of 50 for $48.

Atlantic Ave. Fun Park.

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Brandon, a teenaged guest, said, “Atlantic Fun Park is an absolute blast! My family and I absolutely loved all the thrill rides they had to offer! I highly recommend the Slingshot!”

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Most visitors and tourist in Virginia Beach start their day on the city’s famous boardwalk. This 28-foot-wide marvel covers a distance of three miles. Right on the oceanfront, the boardwalk is also fitted with a separate bike path and an assortment of maritime activities for you and your family.

You can treat yourselves to various amusement parks, museums, cafes, and restaurants to sample some of the local delicacies along the boardwalk.
Virginia Beach, VA dolphin watching cruise.Photo by Kira Louw from Pexels.

Dolphin watching off Virginia Beach

On a visit to the shorelines of Virginia Beach, you can see large groups of dolphins ambling off the coast. You can charter a boat to go out into the sea or use a low flying plane. The result is that you are guaranteed an impressive view of these intelligent sea creatures.

Some of the dolphins you might see are bottlenose dolphins, the spotted, or white-sided dolphins. However, the most common is the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin.

These tours typically cost $20 for kids and $25 to $30 for adults for about an hour and a half. Ask about a senior or military discount, which most of them have but don’t advertise. Make sure the cruise you choose is US Coast Guard inspected and licensed.

Final thoughts

If you go to Virginia Beach this summer, plan a trip to the aquarium, the fun park, the boardwalk, and a great afternoon of dolphin watching.