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SLO Down for This Savory Grilled Cheese Festival

NBC Los Angeles

Cover picture for the articleThe festival is "focused on supporting our local restaurants" You can find a map of participating eateries at the fest's online HQ. GRILLED CHEESE? It's a tummy-filling pleasure first thing in the morning, when you're craving something like toast, but warmer and meltier with a strong dairy component. At dinner, the grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food, a day-ender that says, with each chewy bite, that there's no reason to fret over what you could have done differently. But, truly and forever, grilled cheese is a middle-of-the-day staple, a lunchtime, teatime, anytime taste that is quick, satisfying, and as simple as simply saying the words "cheese" and "bread." To honor the grilled cheese's luscious legacy, and to shine some sweetness on local restaurants, there is the SLO Grilled Cheese Festival, a multi-week happening in, you got it, San Luis Obispo. But the charming Central Coast town isn't throwing an old-school, day-long, booth-laden party for grilled cheeses. Rather...