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Health & Wellness By Karla

How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

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Health & Wellness By Karla
Health & Wellness By Karla

A bedroom is a place to rest, recharge, and refuel for the next day, and it should be your sanctuary. If you're having trouble sleeping or never feel well-rested in the morning, try redecorating your room and turning into a feng shui oasis. Here's how to do just that.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese Tao philosophy that brings the outside world into our living spaces and working environment, creating a sense of natural balance and promoting overall health, wealth, and prosperity. Literally translated as "wind" and "water," feng shui has three essential principles through which it reflects nature, and here's how to apply them in your bedroom.

The Commanding Position

The commanding position defines the spot in the room that's the furthest away from the door and not directly in line with it, so placed diagonally with a clear sight at the door. That's where you're supposed to be spending the majority of your time when in that room.In the case of a bedroom, there should be your bed.

When you determine the position in your room, place the bed and your nightstand beside it. In Chinese philosophy, this position in the bedroom allows for a feeling of safety and protection while you're sleeping, so try to avoid placing it under a window because it then lacks the support and protection of the wall.

Also, stay away from pitched ceilings and avoid placing overhead fans as they have "depressing energy" that can work downwards on you while you sleep. The point is to have as much open space above you so that you can fully breathe and rest.

The Feng Shui Bagua Map

Literally translated as "8 areas," bagua is a feng shui energy map of your home's floorplan and it shows you how and where to design your rooms for optimal results. Each of the eight areas represents a different life circumstance, such as wealth, fame and reputation, partnership, family, children, knowledge, career, and helpful people, whereas the center represents you and your overall health and wellness.

The key is to have all of the 8 areas in balance in order to really get the most out of each one, but because it's impossible and impractical to work on all areas at once, the best way to incorporate bagua into your life is to focus on one to three main areas you need the most help with and you need to work on.

Depending on your choices, you can then incorporate that area's main characteristics. For example, if one of your chosen areas is children and you want to extend your family, you'll bring a white and metallic circular shape into your home in the part of your house that represents children.If your chosen area is wealth, you'll bring a purple wooden rectangular piece of furniture in the part of the house representing wealth. And so on. Explore the full list and play around with your options.

The Five Elements

Earth, metal, water, wood, and fire are the famous five elements from the Taoist philosophy and only when they're in balance, you're able to reach optimal health and wellness in all bagua areas. Just like with the bagua areas, you choose one to three elements to focus on and you strengthen your room's energy by adding the suggested colors or shapes.

If according to your bagua map, your bedroom represents health and wellness, it's connected to the Earth element, so try to incorporate earthy tones and vibes into your decoration and design. If, on the other hand, your bedroom falls under the career area, it's connected to the Water element, so get in some black and wavy items, avoiding straight lines and promoting a healthy flow.Here are all the elements and their characteristics:


  • Qualities: Downward, flowing, shifting
  • Shape: Wavy, curvy
  • Colors: Black
  • Season: Winter
  • Area: Career


  • Qualities: Expansive, vitality, upward
  • Shape: Columnar, rectangular
  • Colors: Green, blue
  • Season: Spring
  • Areas: Family, wealth


  • Qualities: Passion, illuminating, brilliant
  • Shape: Triangle, pointy
  • Colors: Red
  • Season: Summer
  • Area: Fame


  • Qualities: Efficient, precise, beauty
  • Shape: Circular, spherical
  • Colors: White, metallics
  • Season: Autumn
  • Areas: Helpful people, children


  • Qualities: Grounded, self-care, stable
  • Shape: Flat, square
  • Colors: Brown, orange, yellow
  • Season: Transitions between the seasons
  • Areas: Health, knowledge, partnerships

What to Do With Your Bedroom?

Now that you've learned all about the basic principles of feng shui, it's time to focus on your bedroom and turn it into your little oasis where you get to feed off of the energy of all elements and reap the benefits.

First and foremost, the position of your bed is extremely important, and as discussed above, try to place it diagonal to the door and avoid windows and lowered ceilings. If that's not possible, try to at least not hit all three "mistakes."

Second, depending on the area (s) you want to work on the most, place your Bagua energy map so that one of the chosen ones falls on your bedroom.And third, play with that bagua's element and color, inviting in shapes and materials connected to it.

Extra Feng Shui Touch

Now, especially for the bedroom, you'll want to use calming colors and tones and avoid anything that stands out too much. Light colors and pastels will work best to match your calming and resting energy without overstimulating your nervous system.

Avoid sharp lines in your bedroom furniture and try to go for slight curves as sharp corners can have a pointed energy and create a sharp environment. In feng shui, the energy is supposed to constantly flow from one area to another and it shouldn't be directed at one place only.

Minimize and declutter your space and make it a no-technology zone, making it free of all distractions and energy obstacles. This is the space where you need to be stress-free and have your most intimate moments with yourself, allowing thoughts and processes to flow in your mind and allow you to rest and relax.

Play with lighting. In order to naturally invite the outside in, make sure you have plenty of daylight during the day and full darkness during the night. If you're living in an area where turning your bedroom pitch black is hard to do, get a pair of good blinds, and improve your sleeping habits.

Feng shui has been around for over 3000 years and we're still finding new ways to incorporate it into your homes. Try following its principles and bring a new sense of calm and zen into your bedroom.