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Denver, CO

Rockies fall 8-1 to the Padres in series opener

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Steven Bonifazi
Steven Bonifazi
Colorado Rockies outfielder Charlie Blackmon stands at home plate ready to swing on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado(Steven Bonifazi/News Break)

By Steven Bonifazi

(DENVER, Colo.) The Colorado Rockies took a beating from the San Diego Padres Tuesday evening at Coors Field in Denver, losing 8-1.

The game had been postponed from Monday night due to rain, however, despite the weather clearing up, it would be the Padres who ultimately rained on the Rockies parade. The Padres went into the game missing star shortstop Fenando Tatis Jr. who tested positive for COVID-19 as well as left fielder Wil Myers who also tested positive and first baseman Eric Hosmer who left the game early as a result of contact tracing protocols.

According to ESPN, Tuesday's loss marked the Rockies' sixth consecutive loss against the Padres since August 30, 2020. Over the course of those six losses, the Padres outscored the Rockies a total of 47-11.

The game started in the right direction, with Rockies centerfielder Charlie Blackmon creating a lead in the first inning by hitting a groundball with left fielder Raimel Tapia on third. Blackmon was out, but Tapia ran home, taking the early lead to 1-0.

To his disappointment, Rockies pitcher, Antonio Senzatela loaded the bases in the top of the fourth inning, with second Baseman Kim Ha-seong up to bat. Kim was standing in as Fenando Tatis Jr.'s replacement.
Second Baseman Kim Ha-seong bats with bases loaded in the top of the fourth inning Tuesday, May 11, 2021 at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado.(Steven Bonifazi/News Break)

Luckily, Kim struck out, leading into the bottom of the fourth inning. Nevertheless, it was a quick three outs for the Rockies, and the Padres proceeded to take the field into the top of the fifth inning.

Star third baseman Manny Machado showed off his flashy gold cleats while hitting a left-field line-drive home run with a runner on 2nd, scoring two points. The Padres take a 2-1 lead over the Rockies.

In the bottom of the 5th, Rockies catcher Dom Núñez hit the ball and took 1st base, being 1-1, 2B, having doubled to right-center. Rockies shortstop Alan Trejo ended the bottom of the 5th with double playouts.

In the top of the sixth inning, the Rockies looked clueless as the Padres make a perfectly executed hit and run play with Padres infielder Tucupita Marcano taking third base from first. Padres catcher Austin Nola stepped up to the plate, hitting a sacrifice fly to center which was caught by centerfielder Garrett Hampson.

Unfortunately, Marcano closed into home to score 3-1 for the Padres. Kim hit a ground ball to shortstop which was fielded by shortstop Trevor Story, who threw a high ball to the plate, but the runner from the third base was safe, increasing the Padres lead to 4-1.

Rockies pitcher Tyler Kinley ended up walking two Padres players to load the bases, with Machado and his gold shoes taking bat. At this point, Machado had already had five RBI's in the game.

Machado slammed a triple deep to the center wall, bringing the number of runs for the Padres in just the sixth inning to six, having an 8-1 lead over the Rockies that would remain untouched for the rest of the game.

Blackmon was the last to take the plate Tuesday night, having hit multiple foul balls with a full count. Out of nowhere, Blackmon hits a groundball to first base, running side by side Padres pitcher Tim Hill.

The umpire initially called Blackmon safe, but after a Padres challenge and further review, the call was overturned, ending the game 8-1 with the Padres winning and taking the first game of the series.

The Rockies now face the Padres again Wednesday in a doubleheader at 1:10 p.m.

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