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Reno, NV

Cats, Clothing and More at the SPCA Thrift Store, Reno NV

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Jenny Justice
Jenny Justice

Did you know we have a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Thrift Store here in Reno? I did not know this until today! Amidst all of the news and emails about the upcoming need to pass the bill that would end the harmful practice of declawing cats in Nevada, I discovered that we have a thrift store run by the SPCA that even has cats that are for adoption right there in the store!

When we walked into the SPCA Thrift Store on Moana in Reno, my daughter and I went straight for the cats. And oh they had some adorable ones. We, of course, just adopted our own special cat last month but I hear cats can be addicting! Good thing our cat had special instructions on her adoption form that said she is best in an only cat home!

In addition to cats, the SPCA Thrift Store has well organized clothing, the usual thrift store finds of cool dishes and mugs, home decor, kids games and toys, and my favorite - books.

My favorite find of the day was something I just did not know how I could take home - a giant, and I mean giant, old book of old Reno newspapers from 1904. And they have more years in the back! Man I wish I had a bigger place because I am so into the history of Reno right now that I would devour the things. But, maybe you might have a special set up at home that would hold some truly giant books? If so, go check out the SPCA Thrift Store soon!

They take donations so check their website for what they are accepting and not accepting, and for more information on how to donate. They also accept and depend upon volunteers. My daughter and I volunteered with them - before the pandemic - as cat lovers and we would go in and play with the cats every week. I recommend volunteering with animals at any age!