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Detroit, MI

Former UAW President Gets in Trouble For Embezzelment

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Bend With Tasha
Bend With Tasha
(Photo By Fox 2 News)

When you start in an entry-level with a company you may have goals to make it to the top by putting in the effort and doing what you are told.

Majority of the time those people do make it to the top by being genuine and showing the company that they are an asset.

Sometimes people make it to the top by doing wrong and pretending to be something that they're not but, the truth always comes to light.

Remember people have reasons for making the decisions that they do, it could be stability, financial gain, or even just to feel in power.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Former UAW President Dennis Williams gets 21 months in prison for embezzlement" by Fox 2 Staff stated

"Dennis Williams was sentenced to 21 months in prison for the scheme and must pay a $10,000 fine. Williams took winter vacations in the California sun covered by dues paid by members of the UAW.

The UAW released a statement on Williams' sentence saying that they "violated the oath of UAW officers and they violated the trust of UAW officers to handle our members’ sacred dues money."

The union also said that he was ‘rightfully sentenced for his crimes that put his personal and self-interest above that of our members and this Union.'"

In addition, when things like this happen the person on the guilty party always risks losing their career, financial stability, and positive reputation.

Dennis Williams was ordered to pay $55,000 of travel expenses he used from UAW and the UAW is selling the house that they built for him.

Everything happens for a reason, hopefully Dennis sees the light at the end of the tunnel and keeps his head high.

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