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Orlando, FL

Orlando 4-Year-Old Accidentally Shot and Injured While Playing With a Gun

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Joe Duncan
Joe Duncan

Children shoot someone every month in America. This newest Orlando case is another tragic statistic

In another tragic case of children being harmed or killed while finding guns in their parents' home, Orlando Police reported today that a 4-year-old child was shot and injured after finding a gun in the Nassau Bay Apartment Complex this morning, in Orlando, Florida off of the 5200 block of North Orange Blossom Trail.

Shortly before 11 a.m., an ambiguous call was placed to emergency services and officers responded to an "unknown trouble." It was only then that they discovered that the child picked up a gun and accidentally shot themselves.

At present, it's uncertain exactly how the child managed to get a hold of the gun, where the gun came from, or if it was properly or improperly stored. An investigation is still underway and while no charges have been filed at current, we may see some shortly.

Children stumbling upon guns and hurting themselves is a painfully common occurrence. In 2015, for instance, a child was shot every almost single day of the year somewhere in America. And when it comes to toddlers four years old and under, several people are shot by toddlers a month. Toddlers typically shoot other toddlers by accident, a tragedy that's almost impossible to wrap your brain around.

Usually, the children find guns and accidentally discharge them, sometimes even killing their parents or guardians nearby. It speaks to the uniquely American crisis of having guns just laying around, rather than responsibly stored in safes or places where small children don't have access.

And this tragic event is just another instance of someone letting a child who has no business having a gun get their hands on a gun. I sense that until the charges are severe enough, this problem will continue.

Keep your eye out for charges against those responsible who should've been watching the children and practicing sensible gun safety measures.

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