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Seattle, WA

Have The Protestors In Seattle Gone Too Far?

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Matt Lillywhite
Matt Lillywhite
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Over the past few years, Seattle has become a disaster zone. It's become a poster child of what not to do, since many left-wing policies are destroying the (once) incredible reputation of the Emerald City. And although many of the protesters and politicians have good intentions, they're not doing much to create stability in a city that's shaken to its core. Quoting an article published by Forbes:

"Seattle, like many cities across the nation, experienced peaceful protests that have been co-opted by people with bad intentions. This has led to violence, destruction of property, looting and heavy-handed police reactions."

The article continues to say that "now, more than ever, our city, state and federal elected officials from both political parties must start openly and honestly speaking with each other. They need to also incorporate business, health and community leaders into the conversation. Otherwise, we are headed down a path of self-destruction."

The divisiveness in Seattle, caused by people on both sides of the political aisle that refuse to see eye to eye, is slowly destroying the city. It used to be a place of community and tolerance. But now, it's the total opposite. For example, last year, protestors were extorting businesses to operate in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. And unfortunately, insults and violence occurred if anyone refused to comply.

It's worth noting that the crazy people destroying the city are not a majority. In fact, they are a very small percentage of people on the left-hand side of the political aisle. However, they are the loudest. And as such, people on the right are often associating left-wingers with violence and intimidation tactics.

The chasm between the two political sides is widening. And soon enough, it will be far too wide for anyone to cross. Bipartisan agreement will no longer be possible due to the sheer level of tribalism on both sides.

Whether you want to accept it or not, the vast majority of intimidation is (currently) not coming from conservatives. But instead, the city of Seattle is being terrorized by left-wing anarchists who are willing to sacrifice everything in the name of equity. As the City Journal put it:

"Radical-progressives have seized control of municipal government—with the notable exception of the criminal justice system, which they see as the final obstacle to total control. If they can dismantle it, activists believe, they can bring about their transformation of society."

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