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Roxana Anton

Gentlemen School with Gary Cooper, James Steward, Fred Astaire, and Cary Grant

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Roxana Anton
Roxana Anton
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They were wearing a suit and a tie on almost every occasion, in front of the cameras or other situations.

Their hair was always perfect and shiny, no matter the weather conditions.

They were walking examples for any teenager who wanted to become a man. A real man.

These old-style actors were not perfect, but they were amazing. They had that particular, unique style, that makes people think of them as the biggest stars in Classic Cinema's history.

The Gentlemen School with Gary Cooper

If you want to learn how to be a "cool" man, you should watch a movie starring Gary Cooper.

Better, for instance, "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", from 1936. The movie is very old, but the values and the role model are very necessary, in today's world.

In case you want something more "new", you can also watch the 2002 variant, "Mr. Deeds", starring Adam Sandler and Winona Ryder.

The 1936 variant I found very deep, with Gary Cooper playing the part of a small-town fellow, with little money but many strong, clear principles.

The way Gary Cooper plays Mr. Deeds makes a strong impact, as he has all the qualities that a true man has: he respects America's values and is ready to sacrifice his own life for them; he sacrifices his fresh - inherited, huge fortune, to buy land for poor farmers so that they have the means to earn their existence.

Mr. Deeds, in this movie, has no egoism and no stupid pride.

He does not hesitate to fight for what he thinks is right (which might sound a little too much, maybe, in today's society).

He's got something called Life Principles.

His existence is run by clear values, like: the love for his country and the people in need, he is protective and respectful towards women, he's got honesty, generosity in everything (material and spiritual assets), courage, he stands for true values, like poetry and true friendship.

He stands against those who want to take advantage of his fresh fortune, thinking that he is stupid or naive.

Above all: when Mr. Deeds falls in love, he respects the girl with all his heart, even when she does him wrong (forced by her boss and by circumstances).

He is faithful. He has only one love. He does not date other women or cheat.

He puts no pressure on the girl, to make her do things she doesn't want to do.

He is content only when his girl realizes that he is a good man, that he truly loves and cares for her, so she loves him back (obviously).

My only question is: does Mr. Deeds exist in real life?

Is it possible to make him come true? (some variants of him, at least?)

James Steward - Possibly the Best Classic Actor

You must see James Steward's movies, like "It's a Wonderful Life", "The Shop Around the Corner", and many others.

He is the perfect actor, adapted in every situation. From an acting point of view, he is close to perfection , just as I said of Laurence Olivier, in one of my previous posts.

The part that I most enjoyed by him is "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". What a fantastic movie, what an amazing performance.

If you want to see only one of his movies, this is the one.

Fred Astaire Could Have Danced on the Moon, with a Smile on His Face

What I most enjoy about Fred Astaire is not dancing skills, but the passion and love for what he was doing, together with what seemed to be a shiny, open, honest, and reliable character.

What made him a model was, in my opinion, the fact that he never made his partners uncomfortable.

Always a smile on his lips, he shined with psychological health and serenity, and did his thing without causing conflict or rage.

That sort of balance and serenity are qualities that every man should learn to obtain in their life.

Cary Grant: too Fascinating to Describe in Words

Only a song or a movie could describe Cary Grant, his many personal, and acting shades.

He was indeed a symbol of British elegance and manhood, though controversed in private life.

His movies are probably some of the best of the Classic times, and he is a source of inspiration for everyone nowadays. He was a true gentleman most of the times with his stage partners, counting Katharine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Doris Day, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Laraine Day, and many others.

I honestly saw everything I could find online, what I strongly recommend: "Mr. Lucky" (what an amazing character), "That Touch of Mink" (splendid comedy), "Boathouse", "Charade", "To Catch a Thief", "Notorious", "Indiscreet", "Suspicion", "Holiday".

Cary Grant is probably one of the few who were a character also in real life, his biography is worth every penny.
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