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Josie Klakström

Arrest Made in Murder of Teacher

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Josie Klakström
Josie Klakström
 30 days ago

The victim was a bridesmaid at her killer's wedding.
Clayton Foreman and Mary Catherine EdwardsTexas DPS; Beaumont Police Department

31-year-old Mary Catherine Edwards was discovered in her Beaumont townhouse, raped, handcuffed and drowned in her bathtub. Mary had over 30 injuries, suggesting that she fought her attacker. 25 years later, DNA technology has finally identified her killer.

DNA left at the scene was put through genealogy databases, where Beaumont police were able to identify their suspect through his family tree. Samples were taken from the man’s rubbish to confirm the match and shortly after, 61-year-old Clayton Bernard Foreman was arrested at his home in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

“We always suspected it was someone who was known to the family, but we would have never thought it’s going to be a person that’s in your wedding," claimed Texas Ranger Brandon Bess who’s been working with the Department of Public Safety’s Unsolved Crimes Investigation Program.

The beloved teacher was last seen on the 13th of January 1995, and when her parents hadn’t heard from her, they went to the townhouse to check on their daughter, where they found her dead.

According to Jefferson County District Attorney, Bob Worth, Mary knew Foreman from when she served as a bridesmaid at his first wedding.

Foreman has also been linked to a rape of a classmate that took place in 1981 in Forest Park High School. At the time of the assault, he told the woman that he was a police officer to gain her trust and then sexually assaulted her with a knife to her neck. The two attacks bore similarities, and Foreman later pleaded guilty to the rape.

The accused is now fighting extradition back to Texas for trial, with a hearing date set for the 6th of June this year.

“Normally if you're going to challenge extradition the purpose of it is a delay tactic. Because there are very limited issues that you can raise if you decide you are going to fight extradition,” Attorney Bruce Smith explained to 12 News.