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Lincoln County, OR

Lincoln County Struggles on How to Regulate VRD/STRs After Moratorium Ends June 1st – Editorial

Lincoln County Commissioners are still not 100% sure how the county can live comfortably with so many Short Term Rentals (aka STR’s) invading regular neighborhoods. Some STRs are owned individually – others by real estate brokerage businesses. But regardless, those who have lived on the coast for many years or who just recently moved to the coast to retire, want to live in a real neighborhood – not in what amounts to individual homes being run like over-stuffed motels with clogged on-street parking, noise day-and-night and trash that’s left to blow around at the end of the driveway. Full time residents also decry the fact that rural STR septic tanks – many of which are not properly maintained – get clogged up and eventually fail spreading not only awful smells but frequently contaminating the local ground water.