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Daniela Ramos

3 Must-Do Havana Activities

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Daniela Ramos
Daniela Ramos

If there is one word that can properly describe Havana, it would be “soulful”. A mix of colonial facades and gleaming Caribbean venues across palm trees and ocean-flavored streets make up the capital of Cuba. Here are some of the top activities in Havana for your bucket list!

Stroll Around Old Havana
Florian Wehde/Unsplash

Havana’s old town is the soul of the city. Quintessential museums, art nouveau blending peacefully with baroque, and a variety of the city’s best restaurants and cafés make Havana’s old town the most classical area of the city.

There are five main plazas in Old Havana, each with its own style. Plaza de Armas is full of Cuba’s old-world charm, Plaza Vieja is perfect for Instagrammable coffee breaks among pastel-hued buildings, Plaza de San Francisco de Asis brims with seaside charm, Plaza de la Cathedral has a nostalgic feeling of Havana’s bygone days and Plaza del Cristo features the Cathedral but is also full edgy bars and live Cuban music.

Dance to Salsa Music

Salsa is a very important part of Cuban culture and dancing it is the best way to fully appreciate it. If you’re ready to give it a go and immerse yourself in this Latin rhythm, put on your dancing shoes and hop over to one of the dance halls Havana offers. Jardines del 1830, Buenavista Dancing Club (yes, that one!), Casa de la Musica, and El Sauce are good options for polishing the floor with your shoes. If you don’t feel quite ready, however, there are plenty of salsa class instructors in the city who are more than ready to teach visitors the basic steps.

Stroll the Malecón

The Malecón is a 7 kilometer-long ocean boulevard that features a quirky mix of art nouveau and neoclassical architecture. A hangout spot for locals and artist gatherings, the Malecón is dubbed the world’s longest sofa as people from all walks of life gather here to sit and chat while enjoying the dreamy ocean breeze.

Ride Through Havana from a Classic Car
Persnickety Prints/Unsplash

Havana is a classic car museum and there’s no better way to explore it than taking a ride on one of those jewels. Hop to the Havana port to hire a driver and choose from a myriad of colorful classic cars that are also perfect for some pretty Insta-worthy snaps.