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Proud Kieran Hayler celebrates 'magical' moment he and Michelle hear unborn baby

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Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

Kieran Hayler can’t wait to add to his blended family.

His fiancée Michelle Penticost is expecting their first baby together in August, and Kieran’s proud to say that her pregnancy is going well.

The loved-up former stripper, 34, posted a sweet message on Instagram yesterday to his 136,000 followers alongside a clip from their latest scan.

The video sees Michelle’s growing bump and the sound of their baby’s heartbeat, taken at her six-month antenatal check-up.

Kieran wrote: "That magical sound of a life growing, being able to hear your baby living inside its protective home is an incredible feeling. Baby hayler incoming summer 2021!!!"
Kieran Hayler and Michelle got their unborn baby checked out in a scan this weekend

In March, the couple revealed that the early stages of Michelle’s pregnancy had been ‘horrendous’.

Michelle told new! magazine: "It's been awful but I didn't want to take any medication that might risk the health of the baby. Luckily, I'm starting to feel a lot better now and we're really excited to announce our news to the world!"

She added: "I've been very dehydrated, I couldn't drink. They said if I wanted to go on tablets I could, but the midwife advised me not to unless I wasn't able to eat any food. I was eating even though drinking was hard."

Kieran is the former third husband of Katie Price and shares two children with her – son Jett Riviera, aged seven, and daughter Bunny, who is six.
Kieran and Michelle are engaged to be married (Image: INSTAGRAM)

He first met Katie over an online chat service in 2012 and proposed just two months later.

But their marriage collapsed within five years after a devastated Katie discovered that Kieran had cheated on her with the children’s nanny.

The warring exes didn’t finalise their divorce until March this year, after two years of negotiation.

Even though they have publicly stated that they remain amicable for the sake of their two children, Katie, 42, posted: "Finally, we've signed the divorce papers. I'm so happy that I'm free from that marriage."
Kieran and Katie finally divorced earlier this year (Image: WireImage)

Kieran met his new partner, flight attendant Michelle, 36, at the primary school gates in 2018, where Michelle’s son Valentino, 10, attends the same school as Jett and Bunny.

He proposed to Michelle on holiday in the Maldives earlier this year and announced their engagement online, saying: "Best decision I have ever made. I love you!!!!! Looking forward to the future and what it brings us as a couple, a partnership and a team."

Two weeks after his official divorce from Katie, he also announced the happy news that he and Michelle are expecting.
Kieran and Michelle can't wait to become parents again (Image: Kieran hayler/Instagram)

The couple have now been together for three years, with Kieran recently celebrating their anniversary with a balloon tribute.

He posted a soppy message on Instagram, saying: "The mother of my unborn child, I love you. Happy anniversary my beautiful, incredible woman. My fiancée and my rock!!

"3 years and many many more to come. I am so excited for the future, and every next step we take. I love our family unit and the memories we are creating."

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