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James Garside

My double life as Jim or James

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James Garside
James Garside
James from Adventure TimeCartoon Network
Finn: Dude, James is kind of, uh, goofy.
Jake: I wasn’t gonna say anything, but yeah. Maybe when we get to know him better, it’ll be charming
— Adventure Time

I taught English and Creative Writing to a bunch of young kids for the day.

They were used to addressing teachers formally by their last name. They didn’t know my surname but refused to just use my first name.

So all day they kept calling me Mr James instead. It was ADORABLE.

Most of the time people have the good sense to call me Jim or James.

Jim is short for James. My preferred name is Jim but my legal name is James — it baffles me how many people don’t understand or respect this.

Most people have called me Jim since University. It sounds friendly so I prefer it at work and in general.

I often say ‘my name is Jim’ because it’s easier than trying to explain that they feel like two separate people.

Jim is extrovert me. James is introvert me.

People like Jim, including people who don’t like James.

Jim is the friendly one. James is the grumpy and sarcastic one.

Jim is happiest when talking to people.

James is happiest when most people talk to Jim instead.

Jim is the friendly and outgoing suit-of-clothes that I put on when I go out.

James would much prefer to be curled up like a cat, drinking tea, and writing.

Does the name people call you change the way that you feel about them?

I ask for a friend.