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Columbus Woman Rushed to Hospital After Taking Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Creates Vaccine Hesitation in Ohio

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Liz Fe Lifestyle
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Columbus woman, Jereatha Heriot, passed out after being administered Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Heriot was rushed to the hospital with facial drooping and body weakness, among other issues.

"My face was drooping to the right. I was losing feeling in my right arm as well as my leg,” said Heriot. “My speech was extremely slurred.”

This comes as one of many cases in relation to the J & J vaccine, which is causing further vaccine hesitancy in Ohioans. Heriot has reported her case to the CDC for further consideration.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was pulled from the market after cases of bloodclots in various locations. Although the vaccine has recently been reintroduced, many people are experiencing some hesitancy to take it.

Another important factor driving the fear of getting the vaccine is the perceived rush it took to have it this soon during the pandemic. More cases like this coming out are making it increasingly difficult to change peoples' minds. This and the fact that there are so many anti-vaxxers who are outspoken about their lack of faith in the vaccine is causing more and more doubt in the validity of it.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine in particular seems to be causing great concern. The VAERS site showed 7,000 people reported adverse reactions such as anxiety, chills, dizziness, loss of consciousness and abdominal pain after receiving this particular shot.

It's easy to see how the public can respond negatively to these results. Time is of the essence and educating the public on the differences in vaccines might be all that's needed to get people motivated and vaccinated.

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