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Des Plaines, IL

Boston Fish Market - Des Plaines, IL Restaurant Review

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Chicago Food King
Chicago Food King

I was in the Des Plaines area and looking for a new seafood place and one-of-a-kind outdoor seating. I stopped at Boston Fish Market to try out their fried seafood.
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As I drove up to the place, I saw that it was a huge warehouse/supplier building. I just knew that the seafood would be fresh. When I walked in, I saw that they had a small indoor area to eat with communal tables and an extremely large outdoor seating area, probably one of the largest I have ever seen.
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I would say the best time to visit here would be on a nice day to fully enjoy the experience on the large patio. It is worth the trip alone to relax on a summer day outside with friends or family. The wait staff who were outside were fantastic in regards to facilitating all of our needs, such as water refills and to-go containers.
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The ordering experience was unique to any seafood place that I have recently dined in. Upon entering the main area, I walked over to the small corner of the room where a large menu was available. I gave my order to the staff behind the counter and then proceeded to find a table to sit and eat outside. One thing about the ordering process that seemed a bit hectic was the area was very congested. The cooler to get bottled or canned beverages, the bathrooms, and the kitchen entrance were all in the same small area. Luckily, I did not spend a lot of time ordering, so I didn’t stand there for too long.
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I ended up ordering the fish and chips and my wife ordered the catfish and fries. We each had a bowl of clam chowder and shared an order of calamari. The texture of the fish fillets was very good, but they were a bit salty. They did not have the typical white tartar sauce, but they did have an orange-colored sauce, which was very good, with a slight hint of citrus flavor. The calamari was extremely crispy with a great flavor and texture. The clam chowder was fantastic. It was creamy and rich with a perfect balance of seafood flavor and not overly fishy at all.
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The total for all of our food came to a very fair price of around $60. I felt the portions were very fair for the price. I will definitely be heading back as the weather gets nicer in the upcoming summer months. I give this place a rating of 8 out of 10.

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