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Jennifer Brown Banks

Time Management Tips For Today's Busy Entrepreneurs

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Jennifer Brown Banks
Jennifer Brown Banks

---“Time is Money.”

There’s no shortage of strategic information on the Internet and in print publications on how to start a business, navigate this pandemic, or launch a freelance career as a blogger.

And though these are challenging pursuits, it’s not really rocket science.

But, here’s where the plot thickens.

Without the proper time managements skills, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to read through, weed through, assess and apply the wealth of information provided to build a business or increase your bottom line.

Most of us can’t even find time to read through all the weekly newsletters we subscribe to. True?

Adding insult to injury is the daily distraction of social media and health concerns related to the Corona Virus.

Which is why time management is crucial to your progress and profitability today. If you want to survive and thrive.

As a prolific writer who manages several successful blogs; provides content for clients; coaches writers; and still finds quality time to engage in some online shopping, I’d like to share my top insider’s tips to increasing your productivity and your bottom line.



One of the biggest “pain points” for small business owners and entrepreneurs today is a lack of time. Let’s face it: many of us have to juggle family obligations, a regular gig, and countless things competing for our available hours. Which is why down time adds up! Use it wisely.

Why not use the time you're waiting to be seen in the doctor's office, your lunch break, or your commute on the train to jot down blog ideas, respond to your emails, or catch up on your reading? The possibilities are endless.


As the name implies, time blocking is a technique where you simply block off or dedicate a specific interval of time to a dedicated task (without interruption). According to productivity expert, Emily Irish: “ The value of time blocking is that it helps you build your day around your priorities. By scheduling your time in advance, you are able to more easily say no to non-priorities.”

Here’s an example of how it works. Instead of wasting endless hours on social media and Facebook pursuits, (with little return on your investment), you might block thirty minutes a day to sharing Tweets or promoting your blog posts--no more, no less. The objective is to control your time, not let it control you. To optimize your efforts, there’s an App called Plan, that can help to better organize your activities and provide greater structure here. Check it out at:


Whether this means assigning "kitchen duty" to the kids, having a freelancer to provide research on a client's project, or asking other bloggers to contribute guest posts to your site to free up time for more paying projects. Know when you need help, and don't be afraid to seek it.


Learn to work smarter, not harder.

This will give you more bang for your buck and add to your bottom line. Another time-saver is to use templates for repetitive tasks.


That’s right. It’s a small word with big impact. Liberate yourself. Being “on call” all the time should be reserved for doctors. Sometimes saying no to family, friends or interlopers, means saying yes to better health, greater peace, more personal comfort, and greater productivity. It's okay to be accommodating to a point, but you deserve a life too. And there's a bonus: the more you truly live, the more you have to share in wisdom with others.


Raise your hand if you've lost countless hours searching for lost keys, important receipts, cell phones, passwords, wallets and glasses. Most of us are guilty here. Time, unlike money, can never be recovered. Chaos costs. Get your house in order. The National Association of Professional Organizers reports that, “We spend one year of our lives looking for lost items.”


Don’t forget to take advantage of modern technology, to achieve more in less time. For example, use your cell phone Apps to capture ideas or voice record your to-do lists. Enter appointments and deadlines in your Yahoo Calendar. Google directions to unknown destinations to save time from potentially getting lost.

Final Thought

Spring is a time for renewal. Consider making 2021 a starting point to govern your time more wisely.

Doing so can greatly improve your productivity, your outlook, and your bottom line.

Remember, "You got this!"