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Daniela Ramos

Haunted Hotels Around the World

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Daniela Ramos
Daniela Ramos

Historic hotels are famous for inspiring urban legends, and many of them have a very spooky twist. If you’re in for some fascinating ghost spotting, take a look at the world’s spookiest haunted hotels you can add to your bucket list if you love all things spooky.

Whether you’re into horror stories or just curious, the eerie stories behind these old establishments guarantee a memorable stay.
Ján Jakub Naništa/Unsplash

Ballygally Castle, Lorne, Northern Ireland

This beautiful castle was home to Lord Shaw and his wife, Isobella. Soon after giving birth to her son, things went awry and Lord Shaw decided to lock his wife in a room. When trying to escape, she fell from the window and died.

Many guests have reported hearing footsteps and a woman crying. According to legend, it is Isobella roaming the castle in search of her son.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado, USA

The hotel that inspired Stephen King’s novel, The Shining, is actually known for being one of the world’s ghostliest hotels. Opened in 1909 by the Stanley family, the Stanley hotel is known for its paranormal activity. Think a piano playing itself in the music room, lights turning on and off, items moving on their own, or the sound of invisible giggling filling the air!

There’s undoubtedly something very spooky about this luxury hotel in Massachusetts.

Cecil Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

Home to several mysterious suicides since the 60’s, Cecil Hotel in downtown LA is about as spooky as it can get. Rumor has it that the spirits of people who decided to end their lives here never really left. The hotel’s tragic stories have inspired even the 2015 season of American Horror Story, which put the spotlight on its premises and made it become part of everyone’s Halloween bucket list.

Bunchrew House, Inverness, Scotland

The pink facade of Bunchrew House can give the impression that it’s one of the fairytale-like castles so common in Scotland.

Set in the Scottish highlands, this gorgeous 17th century castle is believed to be the home of Isobel Mackenzie’s ghost. Isobel is known to roam the halls, especially the one between the Drawing Room and the Sitting Room. She is said to be friendly and not evil, only a bit prankful. The hotel’s website even has a special page on this resident spirit, and her portrait hangs on one of the hotel’s walls.

Langham Hotel, London, United Kingdom

Luxurious Langham Hotel in London has been host to some of the world’s most prominent figures, including Princess Diana and Oscar Wilde.

What makes this lavish hotel very special, besides its unparalleled luxury is the paranormal residents who roam the halls, including Napoleon III, a German prince who committed suicide there, and a Victorian lady! According to guests, they are especially fond of hovering over guests in room 333.

Foxwood House, Johannesburg, South Africa

This lovely historic mansion in South Africa’s capital is believed to be home to paranormal activity. Guests claim to have heard footsteps walking up and down the staircase and seeing a ghost-like woman holding a child in her arms and just standing on the balcony.