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Tucson, AZ

Tucson Named "Must Visit" Destination!

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Greyson F
Greyson F
Your next flight awaits.Eva Darron/Unsplash

Conde Nast is one of the biggest names in magazine publishing. Chances are, if you subscribe to a few monthly publications, at least one of them is put out by Conde Nast. One of its most popular magazines is Traveler.

Traveler covers all things travel. From luxury experiences to driving around in a van, if it’s travel you’ll find it on the pages of Traveler. This includes the publication's annual “Where to Travel Next” list.

The annual list (the 2021 edition is its 25th release of the popular article) looks at destinations throughout the world and recommends hot spots to travelers who are looking for something a bit different. It isn’t just the usual Paris, Tokyo, New York City recommendations. Often times Traveler likes to dig a bit deeper in its recommendations.

For the 2021 edition, Traveler decided to point its travel finger right here at the Old Pueblo. That’s right. Tucson, Arizona made the magazine’s “Where to Travel Next: 2021 Hot List.”

With the list, there is no specific ranking. It simply selects a location and then goes into further detail regarding what a reader might not know about the location. With Tucson, it makes an initial reference to all of the exceptional hiking opportunities there are around the city as well as the sun. However, it then goes into discussing it being the first UNESCO City of Gastronomy in the entire country. That lone helps it stand out from the pack.

There are a number of restaurants the publication highlights in its write-up of the city. It begins with discussing Barrio Charro and how it uses not only traditional means of cooking but also ancient Azteca grains in its sandwich bread. Monsoon Chocolate receives a nod for using local ingredients like Sonoran sea salt, which the Tohono O’odham tribe harvests for the sweet treat. It also helps grab the attention of those looking to travel for unique alcoholic beverages by underlining Whiskey Del Bac’s single malt style of whiskey, which also pulls in additional flavor thanks to the mesquite wood used in the distillation process (and the wood is locally sourced as well).

The Traveler article doesn’t just focus on food and drink in Tucson. It also discusses some local hotel options, which a potential traveler might be interested in booking. This includes The Tuxon, which takes advantage of its Southwestern roots without getting bogged down in the style. Plus, there is the Posadaby The Joshua Tree House, which is located right next to the Saguaro National Park. In fact, if you haven’t yet visited the Posada hotel yet it’s worth your time. You may just discover a destination for your next stay-cation.

The publication has been known to help give a small boost in tourism whenever it highlights a particular destination, so hopefully, this article does exactly that for local businesses as people from around the world look to begin traveling again.

But maybe you would like to visit one of the other destinations highlighted in the Conde Nast: Traveler piece? In addition to Tucson, the article focuses on the entire Caribbean (specifically Antigua), Dubai, Atlanta (Georgia), Santa Barbara (California), Chattanooga (Tennessee), Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan), Singapore, and Zurich.

This gives plenty of travel options for just about any budget. There are several here in the United States, with Santa Barbara being the nearest (although Atlanta and Chattanooga would likely be the least expensive options). You can travel to Japan, take in the beautiful views of Singapore, or head off to Europe and Zurich. Or, you could stay right here in Tucson and enjoy one of the recommended travel destinations right in your backyard.