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Reno, NV

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts: A Reno Treasure

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Jenny Justice
Jenny Justice

When I first moved to Reno I was a bit worried. All anyone knows about this place is that there are casinos and fairly loose morals when it comes to certain things. Both of which are the exact opposite of my own mentality, spirituality, politics, and values. But then I saw this dome. This little golden dome. And it made me feel happy and hopeful. A town that has a space for Broadway and the Performing Arts has to be a class act, right?

The Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts is “a private, non-profit 501(c)3 cultural organization. PCPA owns and operates the Pioneer Center, a 1,500-seat theater located at 100 S. Virginia St. in the heart of downtown Reno, Nevada (Pioneer Center).” The Pioneer Center is home to “the Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, A.V.A. Ballet Theatre, and Artown. In addition, PCPA presents the Broadway Comes to Reno series, now celebrating 25 years of bringing touring Broadway musicals to northern Nevada (Pioneer Center).” They host over 100 events a year and attract over 100,000 people.

COVID has hit the Pioneer Center, like it has hit so many things, pretty hard and the closing of the concerts, shows, plays, musicals, was something that many of us felt sad about. But now that we are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel with vaccinations and an end to restrictions in a safe way, we can all start to dream about seeing a Broadway play right here in our home town again. For now their website has a great big STAY TUNED disclaimer when you go to see what shows will be coming for the 2021-2022 season. Keep your eye on it, I know I will! Follow them on Facebook for great local and global Broadway content!

Our own Reno Phil does have an upcoming performance that sounds absolutely perfect: July the Fourth with the Reno Phil: American Salute will be held on Saturday, July 3, 2021 & Sunday, July 4, 2021 at 7:30 PM in the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. Get your tickets today!

Also part of the Pioneer Center family is the A.V.A Ballet Theatre. They recently put on some great performances of The Little Mermaid and will be back with more soon, we hope!

And lastly as part of the Performing Arts family in the residency of the Pioneer Center we have Reno’s own, Artown celebration. There is so much art in this biggest little city! The calendar on the Artown homepage really keeps you informed and organized when it comes to checking out what music, dance, art, poetry, theater, performance, and more and more and more art is coming up.

Here’s to enjoying all of the art and all of the joy of theater and music in our biggest little city!