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San Diego, CA

Five Unique Experiences to Book on Airbnb for a Fun-filled San Diego Summer

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Jessica Ufuoma
Jessica Ufuoma

Summer is just around the corner and no better time to start mapping out and planning your summer activities in San Diego than now. So get a notepad out, grab a few friends and get ready to have some fun this summer.

It's important to break free from routines and do different things every now and again. So I've compiled a list of eight unique experiences you can have this summer in San Diego - all of which can be found and booked on Airbnb experiences.

1.) Gaslamp Historic True Crime Tour

True Crime lovers (or not), here's something for you. A 1 hour true crime tour in downtown San Diego. You'll walk through several eras in time and explore interesting stories of true crime while getting to learn the darker history of the Gaslamp Quarter, the area formerly known as the Stingaree. If you love history and true crime, then you can discover even more through this tour. Because of the graphic nature of some murder cases, the tour organizer advises extreme caution for children under 16. PS: The tour is handicap accessible.

Cost: Approximately $17 per person.

You can book the tour here.

2.) Temecula Winery SoCal Balloon Ride

Ever had a balloon ride? Now is the time to tick it off with this unique experience in the Temecula Winery. Hosted by Denni, this experience starts early in the morning in the Temecula wine country. You'll go through a preflight safety briefing and learn some of the intricacies of balloon ride. The balloon flies over Temecula's vineyards, resorts and orchards and you'll get to see all of the beauty from a unique vantage point. Upon landing, you'll be provided with a souvenir bottle champaign to celebrate as well as a flight certificate and tasting voucher to visit six local Temecula wineries. This can easily be your adventure of the summer.

Cost: $189

You can book the tour here.

3.) Date Night Cooking class

How does a date night cooking class sound? Well, if the thought of this made you smile, then you can book one in San Diego. You and your partner can choose the pasta of your choice and learn to make it from scratch and then end up eating it for dinner. You'll also be given a special dessert at the end of the night to enjoy.

Cost: $60

You can book the tour here.
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4.) Kayak in La Jolla (Sea Caves and Marine Reserve)

If you've ever wanted to Kayak, why not do it in La Jolla? La Jolla Bay is a Marine Protected Area and is home to a thriving ecoystem. You can kick off an afternoon kayaking through the waters - no experience is required and there's a guide who will help you get comfortable through a detailed paddle tutorial on the beach. This is a great experience you can enjoy with your family, friends or by yourself. Michael and friends guarantee a five-star experience.

Cost: $40

You can book here.

5.) Rescue Dog Walk by the Bay

Love dogs and maybe never had one but want a chance to walk one by the Bay? Then this experience should be an exciting one for you. You'll start off meeting at Shelter Island where you get to meet a pack of rescue dogs of all sizes, socialize with them and make them feel comfortable. And then the walk begins! It ends at the beach where you will have some time to explore Shelter Island. What a fun activity for adults and kids.

Cost: $29 per person

You can book here