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Roxana Anton

Splendido Mare Cup, the Amazing Portofino Yacht Contest

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Roxana Anton
Roxana Anton

In case you would like to do a trip sometimes to one of the most beautiful places in the world, Portofino, in the North of Italy, is exactly what you might need and enjoy.

There barely is any place more famous and more picturesque than this.

One of the most exciting local (and international) events is the Splendido Mare Cup, Portofino's most important international sailing contest, that takes place these days, from the 6th to the 9th of May.

The regatta for maxi yachts is back this year, enjoying some great weather conditions, like a strong wind, and a cloudy atmosphere without rain.

Yachts from 60 feet are invited to participate. 

On sites like, you can find information about how to be part of the event: you can book a place on your yacht, and be there in the midst of the regatta, surrounded by a team of professionals who will handle the "hard job" of sailing. You can get some basic sailing training, special equipment, bed linen, and towels, skipper services, and much more.

Keep an eye on this site for future events, in case one of your dreams is to take part in a yacht regatta! Some of the greatest adventures of your life might still happen!

PS: Obviously, Covid-19 measures are being respected, everyone is requested to have a Covid test before participation.

On the occasion, the organization has also live streaming of the competition, which's going to be available on the YCI youtube channel (the Yacht Club Italiano) and its Facebook page. (source:

All of you passionate about sailing will be able to watch from the comfort of your homes, one of the best world's sailing competitions, with boats featuring Wally, Southern Wind Shipyard, the yachts belonging to the International Maxi Association, and many others.

The event is organized by the Italian Yacht Club, with the Portofino administration, and the International Maxi Association.

Founded in Genoa in 1879, the Italian Yacht Club is the oldest sailing club from the Mediterranean sea, and its focus is to organize some of the best sailing contests and events in the world.

On the first day of the Splendido Mare Cup contest, there was a lot of wind, with waves of 2 mt high.

The competing yachts had to perform on the distance between Portofino and Sestri Levante.

Portofino is a small holiday town (only 520 inhabitants) and a famous resort in northwestern Italy, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Liguria region, metropolitan area of Genoa.

It's one of the must-destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime

ù, all along with the famous port of Genoa, and the picturesque colorful, Unesco - protected fishermen villages of Cinque Terre.

Some of the richest people in Italy have a house or a villa there.

It is probably one of Italy's best known and most beautiful touristic destinations, if not the most beautiful.

If you decide to take a trip in the area, and you happen to do some hiking in Portofino's green hills, you will probably admire villas and yachts of famous worldwide personalities, like Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Vacca-Augusta.
Slim Emcee on Unsplash

Portofino often organizes events starring celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, George Clooney, and many others.

The place was the setting for many famous Italian and international movies.

Do you remember "The Wolf of Wall Street" (Martin Scorsese, 2013)? A large segment of the film is set on the Ligurian coast between Portofino, Cinque Terre, and Chiavari.

It has become a favorite destination for aristocratic and intellectual circles in Germany and Great Britain since the late 19th century. (source: Wikipedia)

To the north of the city, on top of a hill overlooking the Gulf of Portofino, is the medieval monastery of San Girolamo (13th century) with one of the most romantic gardens in Europe.

The exceptional landscape, lush vegetation, and refined architecture make Portofino one of the most elegant and fascinating places in the Mediterranean basin.

A faithful miniature representation of the Portofino resort was built at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan. (inspiration and information source: Wikipedia)