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Toilet Paper shortages in Arkansas

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Gin Lee
Gin Lee
Toilet paper shortagesVirginia Watkins

Wood pulp prices are skyrocketing, so what will this mean for everyone's favorite bathroom buddy? Yes! The topic once again is toilet paper. What's to be expected in Arkansas stores?

It's hard to know at this point what to expect from the stores in Arkansas. Taxes are already higher in "The Natural State" which means that higher prices on commodities will add even more drawbacks to numerous households, and be an additional burden on Arkansans. At present, the stores all seem to still have an ample supply of toilet paper stocked up on their shelves (within my location) and prices are high but no higher than what they've been through the pandemic of COVID-19.

As we all know lumber costs have soared to digits in which we have never seen before. Unfortunately, any products requiring wood and wood pulp at this time, due to shortages are surging in costs. As if the shortages and prices for wood are not enough, costs keep on increasing from plywood, boards, and paneling right down to toilet paper products. Prices are due to rise even higher for Kimberly-Clark toilet paper products during June of 2021, alongside Proctor And Gamble raising their prices on feminine care products and baby products this September. Higher costs are not just being reflected upon only Arkansans, but also the entire United States, and other countries as well.

Will the prices drown out the sudden urges of some consumers from the panic buying and hoarding toilet paper? As we all know it didn't in the past year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but we can try to remain optimistic about the future of our favorite bathroom buddy (toilet paper). Should all else fail, there is always the optional bidet or pages from your not so favorite magazine.

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