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Houston, TX

Is Houston Still A Safe City To Live In?

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Ash Jurberg
Ash Jurberg
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Do you consider Houston a safe city to live in?

A recent poll by YouGov found that only 11% of people found Houston 'Very Safe.' 45% of people described Houston as 'Fairly Safe,' 16% 'Fairly Unsafe,' and 8% 'VeryUnsafe.'

As a comparison, only 5% of people said Dallas was very unsafe. Interestingly more males felt unsafe in Houston than females. So is Houston a safe city?

The Crime Rates

Compared to the American average, Houston has a high rate of both assault and motor vehicle theft. Assaults occur at 520 per 100,000 people, and motor vehicle theft is 600 per 100,000 people.

Overall, crime in Houston occurs 81 percent more often than in the rest of Texas and 95 percent more often than in the rest of the United States. Sadly violent crime in Houston is 150 percent higher than in the rest of Texas.

The crime statistics make Houston more dangerous than 97% of other cities in the United States.

Smarter Travel gives the below advice to anyone visiting Houston:

Stay away from the bad parts of Houston, including crime-ridden areas like Sunnyside, “the Track,” and the dangerous neighborhood that centers around the intersection of Dowling and McGowen Streets.

The More Dangerous Neighborhoods

Houston is home to 2 of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States.

The first is near the intersection of Dowling and McGowen Streets, in Houston’s historic Third Ward. Home to both the University of Houston and Texas Southern University, this area has such a high rate of violent crime that residents have a 1 in 13 chance of becoming a victim.

The other Houston area that makes the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States list is Sunnyside, south of downtown Houston. The chances of residents of this area being victims of crime are even higher- there is an annual 1 in 11 chance of being victimized.

The five safest neighborhoods in Houston, according to crime statistics, are; Midtown, West University, Downtown, Far North East, and Pasadina.

Crime To Increase As Houston Opens Up

A report yesterday from Crime Stoppers said they are noticing an increased trend of shoppers and diners being followed from stores and restaurants and then robbed. They seem to be occurring in the busier sections of Houston, such as the Galleria area and Upper Kirby.

“I think more and more people are getting out due to the fewer restrictions on COVID. It is also open season for those who want to commit criminal conduct,” Andy Kahan of Crime Stoppers of Houston.

Kahan says that wearing COVID masks makes it easier for would-be criminals. "Nobody bats an eye when somebody walks into a store with a mask anymore. Actually, if you don’t wear a mask, people are going to bat an eye. So by wearing masks and (being) able to cover up your face, it’s actually made it more difficult for us to identify those who want to rob us and prey upon us’” he said.

The Overall Rating

The Travel Safe Abroad website provides information on cities and countries to would-be travelers. It offers a safety rating system. It has designated Houston as a medium-risk city for visitors. It does note that the more dangerous areas of Houston are ones that tourists wouldn't normally visit.

People of Houston, how safe do you feel in your city? Do you agree with these assessments and how you feel in Houston compared to other cities in Texas and the United States? Will crime continue to increase now that people are moving about more to compared to 2020?

Let us know your thoughts on the safety of Houston in the comments.

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