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Cover picture for the articleWe have been bothered by this issue for a long time and briefly addressed it in one of our videos. You are exactly right, if Britney lacks legal and medical capacity to make decisions for herself then it is beyond disturbing that her conservators allow men to be around her alone, let alone enter into intimae relationships. However, the fact that the conservatorship changed from involuntary to voluntary creates a wrinkle and it is not clear where the court stands on her medical capacity at the moment. It is entirely possible that Britney voluntarily relinquished her legal capacity to make decisions even though she has the medical capacity to do so. If this scenario is in fact the case, it's our opinion and/or theory that she may have "voluntarily" relinquished her legal capacity under duress, such as threats to limit the custodial time she has with her children, in which case it shouldn't really be considered voluntary. Hope that makes sense!