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Fort Myers Beach, FL

Top 3 Reasons to Visit Fort Myers Beach

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Allison Burney
Allison Burney
Taryn Manning/Unsplash

I still remember walking along the powdery white sand of Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island.

Flip flops in hand, the sand felt cool and soft, and my feet sunk right in. We walked in and out of the water, stopping to look at what had washed up on the beach along the way and taking some pictures.

The beach seemed never-ending, and now I know why: it stretches for almost seven miles along Florida's Gulf Coast, and by the time we sat down at a beach bar for a beer an hour later, it felt like we’d walked most of it!

My boyfriend and I were visiting a family friend who had a place in Cape Coral a few years ago, and she insisted Fort Myers Beach would be one of our sightseeing stops during our three-day visit. She told us it was one of her favorite beaches in Florida, as well as her go-to whenever she wanted to take some time for herself or clear her mind. And after seeing it for myself, I understood why.

It’s an idyllic beach with a wide shoreline, plenty of space, the perfect sand, and a family-friendly atmosphere. There are lots of restaurants and bars to choose from when your legs need a rest, but you can also spend your day relaxing at the water’s edge and soaking up the sun. The north end has a beach village vibe with little shops to wander through on your way to or from the beach.

This corner of Florida has a number of other things going for it as well, and below are some of the reasons visitors and locals find the many beaches of Fort Myers appealing.

Endless Water Sports

No matter what your favorite water sport is, you can find access to it at Fort Myers Beach. Plenty of companies offer rentals, group tours, or customized private tours tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner trying out a new water sport for the first time, or an experienced athlete visiting the area, there is no shortage of opportunities for adventure to keep you occupied!

Holiday Water Sports, for example, offers a long list of activities including fishing, jet-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, waterskiing, kayaking, paddleboarding, dolphin tours, and even Hobie Cat sailing for experienced sailors.

Sand Sculpting Festival

I would love to have been at Fort Myers Beach when the Annual American Sand Sculpting Championship was happening, but unfortunately, our timing didn't quite line up. It does give us a great reason for another trip back to Fort Myers Beach though!

And from how it's been described, this festival would be worth seeing! Master sculptors from around the world use over 1,000 tons of sand to create unique works of art right on the beach. There are hundreds of sand sculptures to walk around and see, artists to talk to and learn from during sculpting demonstrations, vendors selling everything you can imagine, speed sculpting contests, activities for the kids, opportunities for amateurs to try their hand at sand sculpting, and much more. It's easy to see why this week-long festival has become one of the top 20 events in all of Southwest Florida.

Art doesn't have to be for the ages — it doesn't have to be carved from marble or handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes it's about showing people what can be brought out from the stuff that's right under their feet. — Lauren Tjaden

If you want to learn how to sculpt sand yourself, check out this video from Visit Florida:

Eco-Tours and Access to State Parks

If you're a nature or animal lover, the Fort Myers Beach area should be on your list of places to visit, as there are a number of state parks, historic sites, and nature preserves nearby where visitors can kayak, hike nature trails, camp, or take guided tours.

Estero Bay, Lovers Key State Park, and Mound Key Archaeological State Park are three popular spots to get in touch with nature and explore more of Florida's natural beauty.

Whether you come to Fort Myers Beach to relax under an umbrella by the water, try out a new water sport, learn about the area's wildlife, or watch masterpieces being created out of the sand beneath your feet, you'll be glad you did!