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Roxana Anton

"Indiscreet", a Lovely, Forgotten Grant-Bergman Film

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Roxana Anton
Roxana Anton

If you are a Hitchcock mystery fan, don't miss "Notorious", starring the two classic stars Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

But if you are more like myself: you often enjoy a relaxing, laugh-out-loud, smart comedy, then "Indiscreet" suits your taste much better.

Let's be clear from the start - between the two, "Notorious" is more acclaimed from critics' point of view, while the second movie is more pleasable, in my opinion.

So, let's dive into the movie, hoping that I will help you enjoy a very pleasant evening.

Prepare your popcorn, your sushi, or your hot chocolate.

Summer isn't here yet, and we have some more time to enjoy some Hollywood smart, funny, well-made classics.

Disclaimer: It is scientifically proven that to increase one's happiness, it is advisable to do more often what one enjoys.
Ingrid bergman, from Pixabay

Indiscreet is a 1958 British romantic comedy film directed by Stanley Donen, based on the play Kind Sir written by Norman Krasna.

This was Grant's and Bergman's second film together, after Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious (1946), and was one of the first films to popularise artistic use of the technique of split screens. (source: Wikipedia)

Why I enjoyed it and feel like recommending it for an intimate, maybe even romantic evening?

First of all, it stars two of the best actors ever.

Until recently, I totally loved Cary Grant, I am still fascinated by his deep beauty and charm. And of course - acting skills.

Also, almost every movie he appeared in is worth seeing (if you are a curious passionate).

Ingrid Bergman is the charming Hollywood prototype, and with Cary, she seemed to match interestingly. An affair or not behind the cameras, there's a lot of chemistry between the two.

And yes, sometimes two remarkable actors can lift a play and make it remarkable too.

But this one is nice indeed.

Anna Kalman (Ingrid Bergman) is an accomplished London-based theatre actress who has given up her hopes of finding the man of her dreams. Through her brother-in-law, she meets a handsome economist, Philip Adams (Cary Grant).

She is instantly captivated by him and expresses visible interest in him.

They start a torrid affair, but Adam holds a well-kept secret that keeps him from marrying Anna.

Will she discover it, and deal with it?

In the end, the question is: how do you make someone decide to marry you, without shouting it in their face?

The movie is most pleasant for the beautiful scenery and costumes, for the interesting plot, the great dialogues, the brilliant characters made unique by Grant and Bergman.

And, while they shared the most warm kiss in Hollywood's history in "Notorious", was there something more between them than just a nice friendship?

Their relationship was special, and lasted a lifetime, but to say they had an affair is probably too much.

When meeting to play in Hitchcock's "Notorious", both Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman were coming from a divorce, and hard relationship.

Cary protected Ingrid, "taking her under his wing" (source: Their friendship was one to last, and Cary stood close to her even when she had left Hollywood, marrying an Italian director.

Later on in her career, Bergman married Italian director Roberto Rossellini, but after six years together, the relationship ended.

Ingrid returned to Hollywood, where her best time was about to come: she won the Oscar in 1957, for "Anastasia".

Who do you think picked up the precious statue for her?Yes, it was Cary Grant indeed.

After winning the Oscar, Bergman and Grant met again, to film "Indiscreet". It is said that she accepted the role even before knowing what the plot was about, only for the pleasure to work with Cary again.

"They were magic together", director Stanley Donen remembered. (source:

And indeed, their magical friendship lasted, creating one of the most beautiful Hollywood's behind-scenes stories.