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Ten Self Date Ideas in Reno Sparks for Self Care, Independence, and Fun!

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Jenny Justice
Jenny Justice
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Ten Self Date Ideas in Reno Sparks

Summer is almost here and some of the restrictions from the past year regarding COVID are lifting. Many of us are vaccinated. And along with this there are so many outside things to do in the Reno area. As a recently single woman who is finding myself all over again, and for the first time in many ways, I have come up with a top ten list of self-dates in Reno/Sparks/Tahoe.

1). Saturday Coffee Date

Take yourself to a coffee shop, preferably of course, one with a nice outside area to enjoy the air, the view, and maybe the potential happy and friendly interactions with strangers who might become friends. Good ideas for this include the Hub on the River or Magpie Coffee Roasters on Wells.

2). Weird Reno, Walking Tour

Book a ticket for the Weird Reno Walking Tour. They have shows and tours on weekends starting Friday night - Sunday. For more information checkout their website.

3). Take a Walk

Reno/Sparks has a lot of great places to just go for a walk. For starters, you can walk by the river or walk around the Sparks Marina. Enjoy!

4). Read a book!

Take yourself out on an amazing date to one of our local bookstores. Browse the stacks, grab a coffee if one is available, and enjoy the peace and intellectual quiet! Sundance is an amazing experience if you want wooden floors, stairs, and the peace and character of an independent bookstore, and Barnes and Noble is also a wonderful place if you want something bigger, with coffee, and super friendly staff.

5). Museum Trip!

We have an amazing art museum in Reno. I have lived in Milwaukee and the Bay Area and our local museum, the Nevada Museum of Art, is a class act. Yes it is small but it is small and mighty. The exhibits are gorgeous and so many of them are always changing. So you can check their website and see what is new, what is leaving, what is ahead and also of course, go to the museum to look at their collection. The gift shop is a treat and you can, hopefully soon, grab a drink and some food too at their in-house cafe.

6). Lake Tahoe

Drive a bit and take a hike, or relax on a beach at Lake Tahoe. We live in a beautiful place. The lake is every bit as gorgeous as everyone says it is and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Hiking, walking, relaxing on the beach, getting food, playing on the lake, Tahoe has it all and you can do this in a group, on a date-date, or by your own amazing self. I recommend it!

7). Shopping at Legends

Legends in Sparks is one of the best malls around. It is outside, which makes it pleasant, peaceful, COVID safe, of course, and fun. You can eat, shop, sit by any one of the amazing water or art installations, and even catch a movie.

8). Parks

Get outside and go to a park. Parks are great for families and kids, and yes to that, but they are also great spaces to enjoy solo. We have so many wonderful public parks in the Reno Sparks area. Find one that feels like home to you. For me, I enjoy watching the ducks and walking around the rose garden at Idelwild Park or walking the beautiful Wilber D. May Arboretum Tree Loop at the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.

9). Eat!

Take yourself out for lunch or dinner. So many great restaurants fill the area and many of them offer beautiful, relaxing, and gorgeous outside eating spaces. Try the restaurants on the River Walk, like the Wild River Grille, or check out something new by seeing what’s popping up in Midtown.

10). Pamper Yourself with a Massage

I love massages. I love self care that involves getting pampered. I love my salon, the Aveda Shine Salon in Sparks. The atmosphere is glamorous and the staff are so friendly and caring.

No matter what your relationship status, the goal and success of life is to love you! So show yourself this love by adding something special, kind, and compassionate to your week and taking yourself out on a self-date that rewards your spirit and nourishes your soul. Happy Exploring!