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Say Hello to the Best Burritos in DTLA

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J.R. Flaherty
J.R. Flaherty

Variety is the spice of life, and Los Angeles is a very spicy city when it comes to burritos. Forever at the forefront of Los Angeles's taco revolution, Los Angeles also has a surprisingly deep burrito scene, encompassing everything from classic bean and cheese versions to more creative interpretations.
Burrito in Los AngelesRyan Concepcion/ Unsplash

You can find whatever flavor you like when it comes to burritos in LA: Classic Mexican fillings and Southern California fusions, from deep-fried chicken to Korean BBQ. You can give your taste buds a vacation without having to go farther than your desk.

This list of the favorite burritos spots in Los Angeles includes several different styles, from vegan to purely traditional. While everyone has their formula for making this Mexican street favorite, these restaurants do it just right. Plus, they have us happily returning for bite after bite.

Where to Grab a Burrito In Downtown Los Angeles

1. King Taco Restaurant DTLA

1951 S San Pedro St (at Washington Blvd.), Los Angeles, CA 90011
King Taco Los Angeles@kingtaco_official / Instagram

Since 1974, the family-run restaurant is renowned for its al pastor burritos; Two fresh flour tortillas make up King Taco’s original burrito. Loaded with flavorful typical ingredients such as rice, beans, lettuce, and cheese, as well as your choice of meat or seafood, the King Taco burrito is perfectly wrapped to feed you and your friends. With 22 locations to suit your schedule, you can find King Taco in DTLA and across Los Angeles.

2. Ana Maria's, Los Angeles

Space C-9, 317 S Broadway (Grand Central Market, between 3rd & 4th St), Los Angeles, CA 90013
Ana Maria TacoAna Maria Taco Los Angeles /Grand Central Market website

Ana Maria's burrito stand (stall C-9) in Grand Central Market is a must for burrito lovers. The Grand Central Market brings the vibrant tastes of Los Angeles — and more than 125 years of market history — to the heart of Downtown. Gourmet groceries, freshly prepared foods, and many artisanal producers have called this spectacular destination home since 1917.

3. Tacos Tumbras a Tomas, Los Angeles

317 S Broadway (Grand Central Market, Space A-5), Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tacos Tumbras a TomasTacos Tumbras a Tomas Los Angeles / Grand Central Market website

This still in the Grand Central Market has huge portions, and the burritos are no exception. You may have to line up, so be assertive when you order. The breakfast burrito is perfection, and then you can also combine different kinds of meat in your burrito. They will cut it in half - it's enormous sizes here that stick to their roots.

4. fundamental DTLA, Los Angeles

750 Grand Avenue #30, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Breakfast burrito in Los Angeles@fundamentaldtla /Instagram

Delivery and pick-up are available for this lovely brunch place. The burrito has taken on the brunch time-space, and fundamental dtla does one of the best breakfast burritos in Los Angeles. It comes down to the winning ratio of ingredients.

5. Au Lac Vietnamese Restaurant, Los Angeles

710 W 1st St. Los Angeles CA 90012
Au Lac Restaurant Los Angeles@aulacrestaurant / Instagram

Au Lac is the oldest vegan restaurant in the country, and the Ito burrito is the must-try burrito at this wonderful Vietnamese restaurant. Their burrito made from beans, guac, and macadamia sauce in a jalapeno puree make this a unique taste that your vegan friends will love. Within walking distance of The Music Center, Disney Hall, and The Broad Museum, this elegant restaurant in Fountain Valley is a dream for vegans.

There's a burrito-style for everyone in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for something different in your burrito, LA is the right place to be. So many places to choose from, many serving “authentic” Mexican food, while others have created their signature varieties.

There are only so many burritos you can take down in a single sitting. But it's the greatest of pains to be left in burrito deprivation when you crave a roll. Besides, there's an embarrassment of riches when it comes to great burrito spots in DTLA.

Next time you are downtown, you can kick your burrito cravings to the curb with a visit to one of these 5 best places for burritos in Los Angeles.

We'd love to hear all about your favorite burrito in Downtown Los Angeles in the comments.

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