CT Scan Made Woman Sick; Authorities Say Man Who Performed It, Omayr Niazi, Had No Certification Or Training

CBS Chicago
CBS Chicago

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. (CBS) — A Deerfield man is accused of botching a CT scan on a patient who later got sick.

It turned out the man who conducted the scan was not certified or trained. CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar dug into the mystery man’s history Tuesday.

The allegations were brought to the attention to police in Hoffman Estates in January. Now months later, Omayr Niazi is facing several charges.

Niazi, according to his LinkedIn, was the vice president of an independent medical imaging center located in a Hoffman Estates office park on Higgins Road.

It was in that office where police say Niazi illegally performed a CT scan last November.

A patient told investigators Niazi injected her only partially with contrast solution. She had a bad reaction, and the scan was inconclusive.

Online, Niazi describes himself as a human resources management leader with more than 20 years of experience – even trained in HIPAA compliance.

State records indicate that his pharmacy technician license expired in 2005.

The Hoffman Estates Police Department said Niazi is not trained or certified to do cat scans, forged fake credentials, and turned in claims to insurance companies for reimbursement when he was not authorized to do so.

Niazi was arrested and held on $100,000 bond.

Calls to his phone did not go through. So we stopped by his home in Deerfield, where his sister had just learned of the arrest.

“He’s always been a straitlaced guy – I mean, he wears his heart on his sleeve – and I mean, this comes as a complete shock to me,” said Bee Niazi. “I mean, any of these allegations, I could never believe it.”

A condition of Niazi’s bond is that he may not work in the medical industry as he awaits his day in court.

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NEVER allow this quack to work in the medical field again!!! Doesn't anyone do their due diligence?! Outrageous!!!😡😡👎


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